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The pinnacle of gourmet pleasure

Per capita, Lech Zürs boasts the world's highest density of award-winning restaurants . Though at first glance this community on the Arlberg may seem cosy and small, make no mistake: top-class cuisine awaits! Named "World Gourmet Village" by Falstaff and Vöslauer, connoisseurs and gourmets are at home in Lech Zürs.

Perfectionism, the highest quality standards and gourmet indulgence

Host culture in Lech Zürs

The pursuit of perfection and ideal hospitality has spurned on restaurateurs in Lech Zürs am Arlberg for decades. So it's not surprising, though still remarkable, that this tranquil place is home to the world's largest concentration of award-winning gourmet restaurants.


Here, international cuisine meets tradition, culture and pristine nature that’s reflected in the cuisine, which is rich in variety, healthy, sustainable and at the same time extremely creative. Again and again, chefs working here manage to beguile the senses of guests and create new taste experiences, which also inspire critics year after year.


In Lech Zürs, the highest culinary arts meld with authentic hospitality and an ambience that has managed to retain it’s small-village charms without eschewing progress. Best of all, there’s something for every taste: Traditional huts serving simple dishes can be enjoyed in Lech Zürs in addition to haute cuisine.

Regionality and healthy eating

Many guests come to the Arlberg to take a break from everyday life and to recharge their batteries for work and family. That's why it's perfect that in Lech Zürs am Arlberg many cooks also pay close attention to the topics of health and regionalism. As the Asian proverb says: "nutrition is the basis of health."


The experienced and knowledgeable chefs have, for example, made a habit of gathering herbs, ferns and mushrooms on the mountain slopes and meadows in summer and storing them for the winter. These treasures collected in summer directly on the Arlberg find their way onto the plates of restaurants and into various teas and juices. Regionality thus intersects with good health and the perfection of great taste. Small wonder: health and enjoyment are so closely linked. Thus, the kitchen teams are constantly developing new variations and combining well-known ingredients to create innovative dishes.

The best for every taste

Vegan, Asian, Italian or regional cuisine - the choice is enormous. New highlights every day: A longer holiday on the Arlberg therefore also provides the chance to get a first-hand impression of the broad range of dishes on offer at the various restaurants.



Awards for every taste

Gault&Millau toques and Falstaff forks adorn the entrance doors of the many restaurants in Lech Zürs am Arlberg. Here you are spoilt for choice with the large number of top-class establishments. Using our restaurant finder (link), enter your preferences to receive suitable suggestions.


Discover why the pinnacle of gourmet pleasure can be found at 1,444 m above sea level

Gault Millau 2024

were awarded to Lech Zürs am Arlberg in 2024
with at least one toque can be found in the village
toque restaurants
in Austria 2024


Restaurants with 4 toques in Lech Zürs

Rote Wand, Chef´s Table
Rote Wand Chef’s Table One of the best culinary hotspots in the Alps. Built in 1780, Zug’s old schoolhouse accommodated the alpine dairy and the school for a long time. Today, all those looking for culinary delights that are in a class of their own have come to the right place at our Schualhus: they can try the Rote Wand Chef’s Table. Julian Stieger is the new chef at the Rote Wand Chef’s Table as of October. The Austrian chef is 28 years old and was most recently at Geranium in Copenhagen (3 Michelin stars | No°1 Worlds 50 Best). Previously, he worked in top restaurants such as Eleven Madison Park (3 Michelin stars | Worlds 50 Best – Best of the Best), Steirereck (2 Michelin stars | No°13 Worlds 50 Best), Landhaus Bacher, Le Ciel and Weindlhof. However, he is no stranger to Zug either, as he has already worked with Max Natmessnig at the Rote Wand Chef’s Table. Experience first-hand how Julian Stieger and his team compose, create, stage, arrange and serve culinary highlights from predominantly regional products before your very eyes. Together with corresponding wines and drinks for each course, an unforgettable gourmet experience unique in the Alpine region is created at the Rote Wand Chef’s Table. Meeting point is the Rote Wand Gourmet Hotel at the reception. We will be happy to accompany you to the Schualhus, where we start with the aperitif and the first small delicacies. Afterwards, we will continue up to the upper floor, where you will enjoy the remaining courses. But it is best to see for yourself. Only possible with Online Reservation.


Restaurants with 3 toques in Lech Zürs


Restaurants with 2 toques in Lech Zürs

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