10 ski huts on the slopes in the skiarea of Lech Zürs

One thing should not be neglected when skiing: The stop for a bite to eat. Those who ski properly will get hungry sooner or later. The Lech Zürs connoisseurs know that practically all houses are located near the slopes. We have listed 10 ski huts for you, which are located directly in the ski area, where you can continue skiing immediately after having lunch.


When skiing the Madloch to Zug and then taking the Zuger Bergbahn, you will pass the Balmalp. You can already hear the music from the icebar, when you are sitting on the lift. When the Balmalp was renewed, a lot of attention was paid on the architecture – the hut is almost completely made out of wood. You can enjoy a wonderful, unobstructed 360 degree panoramic view at 2,100m. Especially the sunset above the snow covered valley Zug is worth seeing. 

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Der Wolf

Since the winter season 2016/2017 the ski hut “Der Wolf” is located directly between the Weibermahd and Petersboden mountain station. The modern wooden architecture of the hut with fireplace offers a warm interior and a beautiful sun terrace directly in front of the ski hut. 

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You will pass the Kriegeralpe when you are skiing down from the Kriegerhorn to the valley of Lech. The mountain hut is often covered in deep snow and should not be passed too quickly. The rustic hut, which is home to twelve cows and two horses in summer, is especially famous for its “Kässpätzle”.

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Rüfikopf Panorama Restaurant

The panorama restaurant Rüfikopf is located at the top station of the Rüfikopf. If you take the smaller one of the two cable cars, you will arrive directly at the restaurant. At an altitude of 2,350m above sea level, you can enjoy the view of Lech, Zürs and Zug in addition to your meal. A fondue evening is held there every Friday.

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Schlegelkopf Restaurant

Also relatively new is the Schlegelkopf restaurant next to the top station of the same named four-seater chairlift. The concept of the restaurant is entirely dedicated to the three partner locations Kampen, Beaver Creek and Hakuba Happo. As a result, Sylt oysters, steaks and sushi can be enjoyed here. 

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The Rud-Alpe is located on the wide Schlegelkopf slope. Especially the view of the Omeshorn and the town centers of Lech and Zürs, which you can enjoy from the large sun terrace are really popular. Once the ski hut was a pure hay barn. Now it is known for its pan dishes and barbecue specialities. Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, cozy hut evenings take place at the Rud-Alpe.

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Those who have successfully mastered the White Ring swing down at the Schlegelkopf and stop directly in front of the Schneggarei. As many other huts nearby, particular attention was paid to the architecture – and that is why the ski hut was awarded with the Vorarlberg Wood Construction Prize. It is also particularly popular with younger visitors. 

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Tritt Alpe Zürs

If you are thinking about skiing the White Ring, you will sooner or later pass the Tritt Alpe Zürs. It is located below the Hexenboden top station (1,996m) and many people stop at the large sun terrace for a short refreshment with a view toward Seekopf and Hasenfluh.

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Trittkopf – BBQ Station

Our list also includes the newest restaurant in the ski area of Lech Zürs. When the new Trittkopfbahn and Flexenbahn was built, the lift route changed. Because of that, space was cleared for a new mountain restaurant with a unique view, the BBC station. It first opened in winter 2017/2018 and is located on the top station of the Trittkopfbahn. At 2,424m above sea level, you can enjoy spare ribs and pulled pork under the pulleys of the old Trittkopf cable car.

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Seekopf Mountain Restaurant

lso very popular for a break is the Seekopf mountain restaurant. Located at the top station of the Zürsersee and Seekopf lifts, many skiers and snowboarders take a seat on the large sun terrace. In 2018, the restaurant celebrated its 40th birthday. Since 1978 the Seekopf restaurant is located in the same spot with the same view: The Madlochlift.

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Refreshments at the highest level

With so much choice, it gets hard to decide – but one thing is for sure. No matter where you take your lunch break, there is always something delicious to eat, including a great ambience. And that is why you should stop for a short refreshment more often. A little hint: Make sure to take your break after 1.30 pm because it is less busy and you will get a good seat. In the meantime it is best to enjoy the three most beautiful ski runs or one of the most extreme ski routes before making yourself comfortable in one of the many ski huts.

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