Bike & Hike in Lech Zürs

The Arlberg region offers perfect conditions for the combination of “Bike & Hike”. By mountain bike or e-bike you ride to the starting point of your hike and then continue on foot to your destination. You will reach places easier and faster which might have been hidden from you until now. We have put together 3 Bike & Hike tours in Lech Zürs for you.

1. Lech - Freiburger Hütte - Roggelskopf (2.284m)

This Bike & Hike tour leads to the impressive Roggelskopf at 2,284 meters above sea level.


By bike, the tour takes you from Lech to Zug and on along the asphalt road past the Gasthaus Älpele to Lake Formarin and further along the gravel path to the Freiburger Hütte. On foot, the hike leads from the Freiburger Hütte in a western direction over alpine meadows onto the Masonweg, along the ridge below the Gwurfjoch. There follows a crossing over a gravel field to the foot of the mountain and a steep ascent to the summit, partly with rope protection over easy climbing sections up to the summit. With the bike it goes on the same route back to Lech.


On this tour, a total of about 38 kilometers and 971 meters of altitude difference have to be mastered. Sure-footedness and a free from giddiness are required – mountain guide is recommended.

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2. Lech - Freiburger Hütte - Saladinaspitze (2.238m)

This long but worthwhile Bike & Hike summit tour to the Saladinaspitze (2.238m) offers a fabulous panoramic view of the Lechquellengebirge with the Rote Wand, the Verwall and far into the Silvretta.


By bike from Lech to Zug and on along the asphalt road past the Älpele inn to Lake Formarin and continue along the gravel path to the Freiburger Hütte. From the Freiburger Hütte at an altitude of 1,931m we continue on foot. From there, the path leads eastwards to the “Saladinaspitze” turn-off. From here the path leads south through a green high valley to a small yoke with a view of the Fensterlewand, a hole in the rock face that resembles a small heart. The trail continues through a large rock field and over a narrow ridge to the Saladinaspitze at 2,238m. From the summit you can see the Klostertal and Montafon. The Rote Wand and Gehrengrat are also clearly visible. The same path leads back to the Freiburger Hütte. By bike you can return to Lech via the same path.


There are about 35 kilometers and 972 meters in altitude to complete.

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3. Lech - Formarinalpe und rund um den Formaletsch

Long but moderate Bike & Hike tour with fantastic views and the “Stone Sea”, an alpine karst plateau with fossils up to 200 million years old.


By bike the tour takes you from Lech to Zug and on along the asphalt road past the Älpele inn to the turn-off and on to the Formarinalpe. Hike: From the Formarinalpe first in an eastern direction for a short distance in the direction of Lech. Then the path branches off to the right to the Stone Sea. Before the hiking trail climbs up to the Gehrengrat, turn right and follow the path to the Freiburger Hütte. The trail on the eastern shore of the lake requires surefootedness, a head for heights and good footwear. Then you return to Lech on your bike.


On this tour, 32 kilometers and 667 meters of altitude difference have to be mastered.

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