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5 powerful places around Lech Zürs

Lech Zürs is a place of longing, surrounded by numerous places of power. Especially at the moment we realize how important it is to take care of ourselves and our own health. Get away from the hustle and bustle, escape from the daily routine and recharge your batteries in the mountains. The nature and mountain world of Lech is surrounded by unbelievable power, which is given to us day by day. We have listed 5 such power places around Lech Zürs for you.

Lake Formarin and Lechweg

Anyone who has ever visited this unbelievably peaceful place knows what it is all about. The Formarinsee is embedded in an impressive mountain landscape and the striking peak of the Rote Wand, 2,704m, the second highest mountain in the Lechquellengebirge. The deep turquoise of the water, the red shimmering rocks of the Rote Wand and the strong green of the meadows create a breathtaking play of colours. The first stage of the Lechweg also starts from the lake. A wonderful hike in which the healing effect of the mountains and nature can be clearly felt.

Waterfall Zug

Our next power place is the waterfall in Zug. It hides on the way to the Stierloch. It is easy to reach from the fishpond in only a few minutes. This place does not only radiate power and calmness but also incredible energy.  Whether it is the rushing of the water, the clear and fresh mountain air, the lush green of the moss or the calming effect, there is something magical about this place!

Nature Reserve Gipslöcher

Deep craters, lined with an incredible variety of orchids: the Gipslöcher nature reserve in Oberlech not only amazes every time, but also provides an incredible amount of peace and quietness. With over 1,000 sinkholes, the Gipslöcher nature reserve is considered a geological speciality throughout Europe. Not only do numerous flowers and plants find a home here, marmots also feel very much at home in the impressive gypsum landscape.


Surrounded by a picturesque landscape, the Lechuferweg leads from Lech along the river of the same name to the small town of Zug. Most of the way you walk through the forest, past a barbecue area, the forest swimming pool and extensive gravel banks, where you can find some stone-men. The healing effect that such a walk through the forest brings with it can hardly be put into words. The fresh air, the rushing of the river and the power of the forest radiate an incredible amount of peace and quiet.


And last but not least: Lake Butzensee, a natural and idyllically situated high mountain lake. Surrounded by the mountain peaks of the Mohnenfluh and Braunarlspitze, the small mountain lake lies at 2,124 m in a saddle hollow. The deep blue / turquoise of the water has a calming effect. Let your feet dangle in the cold water of the Butzensee, refuel and enjoy the fresh mountain air. This is balm for the soul.

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