Winter walk in the winter wonderland Lech am Arlberg 2018 (c) Christoph Schoech

© Winter walk in the winter wonderland Lech am Arlberg 2018 (c) Christoph Schoech

Lech Living & Experiencing Lech


Find the rhythm, feel the heartbeat, open your eyes.

The heartbeat of the Alps


Find the rhythm, feel the heartbeat, open your eyes.

LechErLeben is a guided program with different activities to recharge your life energy in the magical alpine nature of Lech Zürs. Central elements of the programme are active movement in nature, reflection as well as inspiration. Get to know the unique powerful places around Lech, let yourself be inspired by extraordinary guided activities and be brought to new thoughts. Whether it‘s yoga on the observation platform on the mountain, take a walk through the woods (Shinrin Yoku) or a mindful hike – to feel yourself in a community of like­minded people, to come to one‘s senses and become one with the powerful alpine nature ­ that‘s LechErLeben.

Program 2019

Mondays, 09:00 a.m. Antara with Ulli Alber

More modern than yoga, more effective than pilates: The new training method tightens the figure, improves body awareness and posture. Antara is a movement concept that leads to a strong back, a flat stomach and a strong body centre ­ the basis for a beautiful body silhouette and an attractive posture. Ulli Alber accompanies you on our LechErLeben platform into the world of Antara.
Meeting point: 08:45 a.m. Oberlech cable car valley station
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Tuesdays 09:00 a.m. Hatha-Yoga with Jay Kumar

The first rays of sun shine over the peaks in the west. The dew still sparkles on the mountain meadows. In the heart of this idyll lies the right place to feel the peace and to draw energy. Our yoga expert Jay will show you Hatha Yoga ­ an ancient system from India that uses asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises) to bring peace to body and mind.
Meeting point: 08:45 a.m. Oberlech cable car valley station
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Wednesdays, 09:00 a.m. Freikochen with Thorsten Probost

In almost 20 years in the Arlberg region with its amazing natural treasures, Thorsten became aware that nature is the architect of our kitchen in the mountains. What we don‘t have, we won‘t necessarily need. For Thorsten, living in harmony with nature means: Enjoyment. Without summer there is no winter for us. We can only feel the power of nature in winter, because in summer we deal carefully with our nature through alpine farming. We discover, explore, experience and taste the mountain in summer.

Dates: 17.07. | 24.07. | 07.08. | 04.09. | 11.09.

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Wednesdays, 09:00 a.m. „Walking for spirit and soul“ with Rosa Kerber

„Rösle“ Kerber, 80 years old, is well known for her daily rounds in nature. From this she draws her strength and energy for the rest of her life. Ängerle forest, Wöstertäli or Bernhard‘s Stall? Rosa knows the nature of Lech like almost no other and shows you the hidden power places on the meadows and forests around Lech.

Dates: 10.07. | 31.07. | 28.08. | 18.09. | 02.10.

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Thursdays, 09:00 a.m. Barefoot Hike with Barbara Lankmayer

To feel nature is a unique experience ­ this becomes even more intense when we walk barefoot through our mountain landscape. Through the bare foot, we are even closer connected to nature. Our body feels immediately every stone, every root and every blade of grass on the natural ground. Barefoot hiking helps to counteract foot diseases, as the arch of the foot is stimulated and thus contributes to a healthy posture. It can also be used to treat back problems, headaches, hip and knee pain.
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Fridays, 11:00 a.m. Sound walk with the Lech Museum Team

How is the sound of Lech? Each place has its own individual sound landscape, with its seasonal rhythm, sounds and different languages. The current special exhibition of the Lechmuseum THE SOUND OF LECH. The sound of a place tells of the loud and quiet sides of Lech, of present and past sounds. During the „Soundwalk“ we will discover, equipped with listening funnels, not only sights but also „listening places“ in Lech. During the round walk we can experience the place anew. Let us encourage you to listen!
Meeting point: 11:00 Lechmuseum Huber Hus

Dates: 26.07. | 09.08. | 23.08. | 06.09.

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Saturdays, 2-3 Hours before sunrise: Sunrise Hike to the Mohnenfluh Summit with Martin Murr

The sun becomes stronger and stronger and displaces the darkness from minute to minute, the deep blue is covered with warm yellow and red tones. Behind a cloud, the first rays of sunshine flash out and you can feel them slowly warming your face. For many one of the most beautiful moments in a mountain life: A moment for eternity, the sunrise on the Mohnenfluh, at 2.540m. For a unique experience, please bring enough warm clothes, sturdy shoes with profile and tasty food.
Meeting point: 2-3 hours before sunrise Oberlech cable car valley station
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Information on the LechErLeben programme

Price per program € 25,- (Sunrise tour € 50,-)
Minimum number of participants: 4 persons
Registration deadline: 17 o’clock the day before
Booking: in LechErLeben im Strolz at the Rüfipassage or online
One day before each programme item at 4 p.m. you can meet the protagonists of LechErLeben and get personal advice. More information in LechErLeben in the Rüfipassage in the Strolz Shop or online.
We ask you to wear appropriate clothing for each item on the programme. For hikes, sturdy shoes are required. If you have a yoga mat, please bring it with you. Alternatively yoga mats can be rented.

The Antara, Yoga, Freikochen and Barefoot Walking programs take place in Oberlech. The Lech Card includes the use of the Oberlech cable car and the Petersboden cable car.

This program by locals for our guests was created by the working group LechErLeben. Lech Zürs Tourismus would like to thank all members for their creative work: Ulrike Alber, Stefan Bitriol, Bernd Fischer, Klaudia Fischer, Monika Gärtner, Markus Hahn, Ulli Jochum, Rosa Kerber, Jayan Kumar, Barbara Lankmayer, Martin Murr, Thorsten Probost, Anna Reschreiter, Benjamin Schofer, Pavol Sevcik, Olivia Strolz und Veronika Walch.

Hermann Fercher
Hermann Fercher CEO Lech Zürs Tourismus GmbH

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