Arlberg Trail

The new, sporty long-distance hiking trail connects all five Arlberg resorts of Lech, Zürs, Stuben, St. Christoph and St. Anton. A total of 40 km of hiking trails are to be surmounted over three stages on this tour amidst spectacular alpine scenery, with convenient cable car assistance. The well signposted circular hiking trail comprises a total length of 50 kilometres, almost a fifth of which is covered by cable car. In total, it takes around 18 hours to hike the route, which encompasses 6,038 metres in elevation difference by foot. Ideally, you start from St. Anton, Lech or Stuben in a clockwise direction, so that the routes and cable car rides coordinate perfectly. Those who do not want to walk the entire route can try individual stages, or easier variants.

Facts, Figures & interesting information

5 villages - 3 stages – 3 days


Total distance: 52.1 km

Net trail distance after lift use: 40.2 km


Pure walking time: approx. 18 hrs

Total elevation difference: 9,550 m

5 cable car rides

Highest point: 2,647 m (Valluga I mountain station)

Lowest point: 1,304 m (St. Anton am Arlberg)

Most challenging stage: Lech – St. Anton

Difficulty: moderately difficult mountain trail

Overnight stays in St. Anton, Stuben and Lech

Accessible: July, August & September

Route description

Lech am Arlberg - St. Anton am Arlberg

Right at the start of the tour, Rüfikopf cable car provides valuable assistance in surmounting the first 900 metres in elevation, where the most challenging stage of the Arlberg Trail begins at 2,350 m above sea level. Accompanied by views of Rüfispitze Peak, the route descends initially just above Lake Monzabonsee into Ochsengümple. At Rauhkopfscharte, you then cross the border between Vorarlberg and Tyrol. With Stuttgarter Hütte at 2,310 m in your sights and surrounded by fantastic mountain scenery of the Arlberg, you head towards your lunch break. This is followed by a descent to Erlachalpe at 1,922 m, before heading steeply
uphill again through the hidden hollow to Knoppenkar. From there it is only a few metres in altitude to the mountain station of the Vallugabahn I, with fabulous views towards the first stage designation village of St. Anton am Arlberg. The 1,300 m downhill journey is covered by the Vallugabahn I and Galzigbahn cable cars. Please observe cable car operating times!


Tour facts:

Route: 12.4 km, Walking time: ca. 6:30 hrs, Ascent: 1,220 m, Descent: 918 m


Opportunities for refreshments:

Rüfikopf Panoramarestaurant, Stuttgarter Hut, Valluga Restaurant, St. Anton


Alternative route:

Rüfikopf – Stuttgarter Hütte – Zürs – by post bus service to St. Anton


Liftfts required:

Rüfikopf Cable car, Valluga I, Galzigbahn

Route description

St. Anton am Arlberg - Stuben am Arlberg

This stage of the Arlberg Trail starts with a climb up the Galzig. A wide path with great views of St. Christoph am Arlberg leads leisurely towards the pass, from where the “Berggeistweg” (Mountain Spirit Trail) begins. Behind Gasthaus Valluga, follow signs to the Kaltenberghütte (trail no. 19). From the next junction, the Berggeistweg Trail is signposted. The trail leads initially gently uphill, before getting steeper up to a mountain ridge. With views in the direction of Pateriol and Kaltenberg, the trail continues to the Maroiseen Lakes near the Albona II lift station. The path leads along a short supply road to the old Albonagrat mountain station
(closed). Accompanied by fantastic views of the valley into Klostertal, the trail finally leads to the 2,089 m high Kaltenberghütte. After a stop for refreshments, the trail continues with a direct view of Flexenpass and Zürs across meadows and moorlands towards the valley. Hidden from view, the trail leads ever more steeply downhill past Lake Stubener See with a magnificent view of the second stage destination village of Stuben am Arlberg.


Tour facts:

Route: 15 km, Walking time: ca. 6:30 hrs, Ascent: 674 m, Descent: 1,351 m


Opportunities for refreshments:

Galzig Restaurant, St. Christoph, Kaltenberghütte, Stuben


Alternative route:

St. Anton – Rosannaschlucht Gorge – Maiengweg path – Arlberg Pass - Stuben


Liftft required:

Galzigbahn cable car

Route description

Stuben am Arlberg - Lech am Arlberg

From picturesque Stuben, the gateway to the Arlberg, take the village road along a forest path past the E-Trial park in the direction of Flexental. Shortly after the Mondscheinhütte (closed), Flexenbach Stream is crossed, and the route briefly becomes steeper along the Franz Josef Trail in the direction of the Flexen Pass. During this section of the tour, you will enjoy fantastic views of Stuben at 1,407 m above sea level. Soon you will reach the great European water divide on the way to the Flexenpass. The trail descends gently towards Zürs. After briefly traversing the village, you reach the Seekopfbahn cable car on the village outskirts. This whisks you up to 2,212 metres above sea level, where at the top, you not only have a fantastic view of Lake Zürsersee, but also an excellent opportunity for refreshments at Seekopf Panorama Restaurant. After Lake Zürsersee, the trail climbs steeply up to a small and tranquil cotton grass plain. This is followed by the final uphill metres to the 2,450 m high Madlochjoch. From there, the trail follows in the tracks of the White Ring, a famous winter ski circuit, over rocks and alpine meadows with views of Lech am Arlberg and on via Gstütalpe down into the valley. Before the end of this stage, wonderful views of Lech am Arlberg, 1,450 m above sea level, are particularly inspiring.


Tour facts:

Route: 12.8 km, Hiking time: 5 hrs, Ascent: 667 m, Descent: 1,144 m


Opportunities for refreshments:

Flexenhäusl, Seekopf Panoramarestaurant, Lech


Alternative route:

Flexenpass - Zürs - Lech


Lift required:

Seekopfbahn cable car

Arlberg Trail Ticket

The Arlberg Trail Ticket is valid for all cable cars required for the Arlberg Trail for four consecutive days. The Arlberg Trail Ticket is valid for all cable cars along the Arlberg Trail for the entire summer season. Please note the operating hours of the respective cable cars:


The mountain lifts in Lech am Arlberg open their operation on12.06.2024. The Seekopfbahn in Zürs is open from 28.06.2024. The mountain railroads in St. Anton am Arlberg start their summer season on 28.06.2024.


Rüfikopfbahn: 08.30 – 17.30 hrs, at 30 min intervals
Galzigbahn: 08.15 – 16.30 hrs
Vallugabahn I: 08.30 – 16.10 hrs
Seekopfbahn: TUE – SUN 09.00 – 17.00 hrs, continuous operations, MON closed


Available from ticket offices at: Galzig, Rüfikopf and Seekopf

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