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8 places to cool off on hot summer days

Admittedly, it is not that often that the temperatures in Lech exceed the 25 degree mark. At an altitude of 1,450m, it is pleasantly temperate most of the time in summer. On days when temperatures reach up to 25 degrees, it is unbearably hot in the rest of the country and especially in the cities. So thousands of people are sweating over there, always looking to cool off, while we and the guests in Lech can really enjoy the mountain summer. Therefore, we have put together the eight best places to cool off in Lech, so you can enjoy the perfect mountain summer vacation in Lech.

Lake Formarinsee

The Lake Formarin is always worth a visit - of course, even on the hottest days of the year. The almost 16-hectare lake is up to 17m deep and almost circular. On its western shore, the meadow slopes below the Rote Wand slope gently down to the water, so that you can walk directly to the lake.

Accessibility: The local bus Lech (included in the Lech Card) takes you directly to the last stop at the Formarinalpe. From there it's just a 20-minute walk until you reach the Formarinsee.

Lake Butzensee

The Lake Butzen is somewhat hidden high in the mountains between the two mountain peaks, the Mohnenfluh and Braunarlspitze at an altitude of 2,124m. The approximately 2 hectare lake is a beautiful place to rest and relax. On summer days a jump into the cold mountain lake is a must.

Accessibility: The Oberlech mountain cable car and the Petersboden lift provide enormous help on the ascent. From the mountain station, the trail then leads up to the Mohnenfluhsattel. From there into the saddle hollow, where the dreamlike Butzensee is located.

Lake Monzabonsee

Lake Monzabon also hides under the snow cover in winter and is overlooked by most guests. In summer, many are surprised when they reach the lake in the hollow shortly after the Rüfikopf. At 2,226m with an area of just 0.48 hectares, the high mountain lake is comparatively small, but it should therefore be the warmest lake among them.

Accessibility: Ascent with the Rüfikopfbahn (included in the Lech Card) and then 15 minutes on foot on the 1st stage of the Green Ring.

Lake Spullersee

Also located in the Lechquellgebirge is the Lake Spuller. The reservoir, located at 1,826m, is not quite as well known as its neighbor, Lake Formarin, but has become a popular destination for those seeking peace and quiet. On its northern shore, a hiking trail leads directly above the shore in the direction of Ravensburger Hütte.

Accessibility: The local bus Lech also takes you to the Spullersee. The bus stop is located directly at the dam wall, so you are very close to the refreshing water.

Lake Zürsersee

It is our star on Instagram. In winter, the lake lies hidden under a meter-thick blanket of snow; in summer, it reveals itself as a place of power and tranquility. At 2,160m, it's especially great to relax on the jetty that juts out into the water.

Accessibility: The Zürsersee can be reached comfortably in a few minutes with the Seekopfbahn. Of course, you can also reach it on foot. The fastest and easiest way is from Zürs on the 2nd stage from the Green Ring. After 1.5 hours of ascent and 400 meters of altitude further up, you have arrived at the Zürsersee.

Lech River

Not to be forgotten, of course, is the Lech River. Along the 1st stage of the Lechweg there are numerous places where you can stretch your feet briefly into the cold water. If you really want to go swimming in the Lech, you should try Hydro Speed from Arlberg Alpin. With the help of a raft-like swimming body, you can go directly through the Lech Canyon to Warth.

Accessibility: The first stage of the Lechweg leads from the Formarinsee to Lech. For Hydro Speed please ask directly at our outdoor partner Arlberg Alpin.

Lake Körbersee

The gorgeous Körbersee was chosen as the "most beautiful place in Austria" 2018. Located above Schröcken on the Tannberg, the Körbersee is comparatively low at only 1,656m.

Accessibility: if you want to get to Körbersee quickly, take line 3 (included in the Lech Card) to the Hochtannbergpass and walk 45 minutes from there on a wider path to Körbersee. A little longer, but scenically more attractive is the way from Oberlech via the Auenfeld in about 2.5 hours to the Körbersee.

Forest Swimming Pool Lech

Of course, the forest swimming pool must not be left out on our list. The forest swimming pool, which was newly renovated last year, is idyllically located in the middle of the forest between Lech and Zug. Since the summer of 2020, it offers a 25-meter-long sports pool, an aquafit pool with bubble loungers and massage jets, a children's pool, a baby pool and a wide wave slide.

In addition to table tennis and a beach volleyball court, the Waldschwimmbad offers a spacious children's playground and a kiosk with summer snacks, popsicles and cool drinks. This makes it the ideal place for families to linger on hot summer days and for hikers to relax their bodies and feet.

Accessibility: It is only a 20-minute walk from Lech to the Forest Swimming Pool. If you don't want to overexert yourself, you can take the Lech local bus.

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