The Green Ring

Discover the legendary White Ring ski circuit from a completely different perspective while on a three-stage hike. The artfully designed mythological world will also inspire families with children to go hiking.

The Green Ring

Discover, experience, marvel – the mountain world along the Green Ring is not only characterised by beautiful paths and lakes, but there is also plenty to see. Go on a voyage of discovery with your own book of legends. You’ll soon learn about Taurin the Giant and how Monzabonsee lake got its name.

Immerse yourself in a realm of nature, tradition and colourful fantasy.

This is the Green Ring

The whole distance of the hiking trail
You can hike along at three stages
Along the hiking trail, you can find 35 hidden legends

28.5 km

You can cover the entire Green Ring in three days. Perfect for any backpack, our Hiking Worlds guide contains a detailed description.

3 stages

  1. Stage: from Rüfikopf mountain to Zürs via Monzabonsee lake and the Mountain Hut Library
  2. Stage: from Zürs to Zug via Zürsersee lake and the Madloch
  3. Stage: from Zug to Lech via Sagenwald forest and Kriegerhorn mountain

35 legends

Alongside the book “A Samurai on the Kriegerhorn”, you can discover 35 hidden stories. At each stage, there are exciting stories that will bring about a smile and make the hike even more entertaining.

The book is available from Lech Zürs Tourismus.

Breathtaking views and unique experience points

Three magical summit registers, a geo trail and a bivouac are just a few of the things that make the Green Ring particularly special. There is much to admire on each of the three sections, and the entertaining legends make for an eventful mountain tour. This hiking trail around Lech Zürs truly shines the spotlight on everything that makes a holiday in the Alps wonderfully special. You are bound to marvel at the magnificent views of stunning mountain lakes and paths through forests and meadows.

Relax and enjoy the views

If you don’t want to cover all 28.5 km on foot, you could even take a break in between by using one of the cable cars.

Right at the start, you can decide whether to climb Rüfikopf mountain via the steep Schafalpweg trail, or enjoy dreamlike views over Lech in one of the gondolas of the Rüfikopf cable car.

In the second stage, the Seekopfbahn cable car is a great way to reach Zürsersee lake. By doing it this way, you can revel in the wonderful hiking area without first having to contend with a demanding ascent right at the beginning of your second day hiking.

On the third stage, you can use either the Oberlech or the Petersboden cable car to admire this famous winter landscape in all its summer glory for once.


The Green Puzzle Ring - a hiking trail for families and smarty pants

The “Grüner Rätsel-Ring” (Green Puzzle Ring) leads families and puzzle enthusiasts from Lech to the Rud-Alpe mountain restaurant. The accompanying workbook will take you on a journey to fun and tricky stations that require a lot of brainpower. At the end of the trail, there’s the perfect reward for everyone: an award for all puzzle champions, a great water playground for children and a wonderful terrace to enjoy.

The Green Ring - part of a family

In a way, the White Ring – the legendary ski circuit around the Omeshorn mountain – is the forefather of the Green Ring. Since then, the family has grown even more, making it possible to spend unforgettable yet educational days in nature. Come and see for yourself:

The Green Ring - The Competition Family

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