The Green Ring - 3rd Leg

The trail climbs steeply from Zug through the Sagenwald forest to the Balmalp mountain hut. The strenuous path is varied yet entertaining thanks to many carved mythical creatures. At the summit of the Kriegerhorn mountain, you can see Lech from a completely different angle. From Oberlech, the picturesque Arlenzauberweg trail leads you to the Rud-Alpe mountain restaurant, where you can satisfy hungry stomachs with some delicious food.
9,7 km


Difficulty moderate
Highest point 2167 m
Lowest point 1436 m
Best time of year
Jan Feb Mär Apr Mai Jun
Jul Aug Sep Okt Nov Dez

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The Green Ring - 3rd Leg
Safety information

140 Alpine Emergencies throughout Austria
144 Alpine Emergencies Vorarlberg
112 Euro-Emergency-Call (works with every mobile phone / in every net)

Turn-by-turn directions

Take the hiking bus towards Zug from the hike starting point at the post office. Get off at the ”Zuger Kirchle” stop. Follow the paved road through town until you reach the turnoff to the (1) fish pond. A pasture trail branches off to the right here, which leads up through the ”ditch” to where the alp is fenced off. From there, follow the path diagonally to the right, slightly uphill between pillars 7 and 8 of the Zug cable car to the edge of the forest. A forest path then goes steeply uphill through the (2) Scribbles to the (3) Balmalp. From here, a wider alpine path continues, on level ground at first, then inclining to the right and then further uphill to the peak of the (4) Kriegerhorn (2,173 m) (but you can also stay on the alpine path and walk directly to the Kriegeralpe). From there, walk downhill to the (6) stone wall, past the Speichersee Lake to the (7) Krie geralpe. After some invigorating refreshments, continue along the wide alpine path. Soon, you take a path that branches off to the right. At the next junction, take the lovely hiking trail to the left through blooming alpine pastures going downhill until you reach a path by the river. Follow the path to the right going downhill alongside the river until you reach a paved back road. Turn right and walk past the Hotel Goldener Berg. Here you will reach a gravel path on your left which takes you back downhill to the lower station of the Oberlech cable car. Turn right and follow the supply road through the forest clearing to the (8) Libellensee Lake. The (9) forest education trail will take you to the extensive pastures of the Schlegelkopf (you can also follow the trail going downhill from the Oberlech cable car, which will take you directly to the Rud-Alpe.) From here, follow the wide supply road going steeply downhill to the (10) Rud-Alpe, where you will be rewarded with refreshments on the beautiful sun terrace. Continue downhill from here until you reach a paved back road. Keep to the left and turn right at the next junction and continue downhill. This path will take you to the old roofed wooden bridge. Follow the Lech Promenade to the left of the river until you reach the Pension Waldesruh. Cross the Lech River on the bridge and you end up back at the starting point.

Public transport

Take the train to Langen am Arlberg or St. Anton am Arlberg station. From there, buses (no. 750+760) run at regular intervals to Lech Zürs am Arlberg.

Getting there

From Germany: Take the A 96 to Bregenz from there on the A14 to Bludenz, continue on the S16 to the Lech Zürs am Arlberg exit. Follow the B197 to Alpe Rauz, turn left here onto the B198. Through the Flexengalerie and over the Flexenpass you reach Lech Zürs am Arlberg.

From Switzerland: Via the A13 and the Feldkirch, Hohenems or Lustenau border crossing onto the A14 as far as Bludenz. Continue on the S16 until the exit Lech Zürs am Arlberg. Follow the B197 to Alpe Rauz, then turn left onto the B198. Through the Flexengalerie and over the Flexenpass you reach Lech Zürs am Arlberg.

From Austria: Take the Inntal motorway A12 and then the S16 to the St. Anton am Arlberg exit (Arlbergpass). Follow the B197 first through St. Anton, then through St. Christoph and over the Arlberg Pass to Alpe Rauz. Turn right here onto the B198. Through the Flexengalerie and over the Flexenpass you reach Lech Zürs am Arlberg.


You can park your car either directly with your host or in the underground car park Anger. The underground car park is located directly in the town centre opposite the Raiffeisenbank Lech.


Good footwear (ankle high, profile sole), rain protection, Lech Card and bus timetable.