Mountain summer in Lech
has arrived!

Can you feel it? Can you sense the freedom? The fresh scent of the larch and stone pine? The stories whispered on the mountain wind?

Mountain summer in Lech is just around the corner.

It’s all there: A longing for mountain silence, clean air, forest and water. The yearning for peace and freedom. Whoever comes to Lech Zürs comes to themselves at the same time. Somewhere you can switch off and regain your strength.

Summers in Lech Zürs are all about hiking. Gear up for mountain summer, crisp air and the ringing of bells. Gaze out in the distance to wind-swept peaks that make everything in the valley seem small and weightless. Discover the origins of the legendary Lechweg trail at the beautiful Formarinsee lake, wander through the lush forests of the Zugertal valley and climb the Mohnenfluh mountain at over 2,500 metres. Alone, in pairs, with your family.


Cup crystal-cold water in your hands from mountain streams glistening in the sun. Watch cows grazing on herbs from the Alpine pastures. And as night falls slowly in the mountains, awe as the sky turns blood red and the Alpine glow gives way to starry skies, campfires, excited plans of canyoning through the wild rivers and a hunk of mountain cheese after a day in the fresh air.

This is the kind of freedom that moves you. That earns you: More time, more space. Welcome to Lech Zürs.

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Bürstegg und die Aussicht auf die Berglandschaft Lech im Sommer 2018 (c) West Zangerl

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