When the leaves start turning red ...

... and then make way for snow ...
You will know that the time has come. Time for your autumn and winter holiday in the Arlberg region.

When the leaves start turning red ...
... and then make way for snow ...

Suddenly, you feel a chill again when night falls. In the mornings, a glistening layer of frost covers the pastures. We always seem surprised when autumn arrives. Our pace of life slows down as we mentally prepare for the cold months, keenly aware that winter is not far. When the leaves start turning red and then make way for snow, summer has long gone. And it’s when Lech Zürs is at its most beautiful.

Flooded with warm sunlight, the landscape glows in a myriad of colours. You will never experience better visibility than during an autumn hike. Drop into James Turell’s Skyspace for broader horizons and infinite views. Recharge your batteries and prepare for winter during these glorious, golden days of autumn.


Finally, the first snowflakes fall. At first, they succumb to the weakening sunlight, but soon, they persist. A blanket of snow covers the land and its secrets. The region surrounding you seems like the primal origin of winter and snow: Lech Zürs, the cradle of alpine skiing. Freedom on the slopes and beyond, in one of the world’s largest ski resorts. More time. More space. Welcome to Lech Zürs am Arlberg.

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Bürstegg und die Aussicht auf die Berglandschaft Lech im Sommer 2018 (c) West Zangerl

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