The Lech Zürs hiking region - Experience pristine nature up close and personal

Whether you’re keen on a day trip for two or a hiking holiday with the family, the network of hiking trails in Lech Zürs am Arlberg is so expansive that every day a new adventure awaits.

Lech Zürs can rightly claim to be one of the most versatile and extensive hiking regions in the Alps. Well-signposted hiking trails crisscross the entire region. Depending on the season, select from a variety of routes that guarantee a very special nature experience. From blossoming spring flowers to lush mountain meadows or the explosion of colours during autumn, explore the Arlberg’s mountains and experience pristine nature first hand. 

350 km of marked hiking trails

All total, the entire Lech Zürs region boasts 350 well-marked hiking trails for you to explore including mountain hut tours in the Lechquellen area, summit adventures in the Lechtal Alps, and leisurely hikes over green mountain meadows. Select from hikes with longer stages or take your time on shorter hiking trails. The online tour portal provides a detailed overview of all possible routes. In addition to the exact route descriptions and degree of difficulty, distance and altitude are also provided.

The printed ‘Hiking Worlds’ (Wanderwelten) brochure features select tours at all levels of difficulty and is available free of charge from Lech Zürs tourist information.

3 themed hiking trails that tell a story

Stage or long-distance hikers will appreciate the 125-km Lechweg trail from Lech to Füssen, which leads through one of the last wild river landscapes in Europe. The Green Ring themed trail, on the other hand, leads visitors through mystical mountains and an imaginative world of legends. Meanwhile, in the Tannberg area, hikers can easily immerse themselves in the history of the region.

The Lechweg trail

Along the Lechweg trail, explore the way that this small stream develops into a magnificently wild river. Opened in 2012 and certified as a ‘Leading Quality Trail of Europe,’ this approximately 125-km long-distance hiking trail passes through one of the last remaining wild riverine landscapes in the Alps.


From "Austria's most beautiful place in 2015," the Formarinsee lake at the foot of the Rote Wand mountain, this long-distance hiking trail leads through the Walser villages of Lech and Warth across several stages to the border with Germany in the direction of Alpsee lake. The long-distance hike comes to an end at Lechfall in Füssen.


The Lechweg can be walked in several stages. Rafting and canyoning companies also offer the opportunity to travel individual sections right on the Lech river. The towns along the Lechweg have good public transport links and a shuttle service; luggage is transported conveniently from stage to stage.



The Green Ring

The Green Ring is another superlative themed trails in the beautiful hiking paradise of Lech Zürs am Arlberg. In addition to experiencing the majesty of nature and a fantastic view of the Lech Zürs’ mountains, the three stages of the Green Ring also offer a fascinating insight into modern legend. Bregenz-based writer Daniela Egger created a unique literary hiking map especially for hiking the Green Ring. "A Samurai on the Kriegerhorn mountain" is inspired by contemporary fables and tales about legendary figures from the region, such as boogeymen and witches. Each of the 36 hiking points along the Green Ring has a story to tell.

Summer 2020 was the tenth anniversary of the opening of the multi-award-winning Green Ring themed hiking trail. In recognition of this anniversary, the Seekopfbahn cable car in Zürs started summer operations for the first time. The cable car transports visitors up to the start of the 2nd stage of the Green Ring while also allowing access to a wonderful hiking area now accessible via cable car.


The Tannberg themed trail

Wer auf dem Tannberg unterwegs ist, der taucht tief in die Geschichte der drei Orte Warth, Schröcken und Lech ein und begibt sich auf die Spuren der Walser, die diese Region besiedelt und geprägt haben. Diese Vergangenheit würdigend, haben sich die drei Walsergemeinden zusammengetan und für das ausgedehnte Tannberger Wandergebiet eine abwechslungsreiche, historisch spannende Route zusammengestellt, den Tannberg Themenweg. Er verläuft entlang zahlreicher kultur- und naturgeschichtlicher Sehenswürdigkeiten.

Step by step: Earning yourself an Arlberg hiking pin!

Starting in the summer of 2020, a new hiking pass will be introduced featuring 48 destinations and hikes in the Lech Zürs region, which will be rewarded with points. Once a certain number of total points have been achieved, hikers will receive different hiking pins (from bronze to gold) as a reward. This old tradition is now being revived. In the age of digitalisation and the extraordinary times we are currently living through, points are collected exclusively via the smartphone with the free app “SummitLynx." Best of all: The app also works offline. Maps are pre-downloaded to your mobile phone during installation. Entries are cached in the app if there is no network coverage and then synchronised with the server once a data connection is available.

My Lech Card

Thanks to this attractive leisure-time map, you have access to every hike in Lech Zürs. All open lifts in Lech, Zürs and Warth allow you to reach lofty heights in no time at all. Enjoy the view of our mountains or make use of the Wanderbus (hiking bus) to the Formarinsee or Spullersee lakes. The Lech Card is available from one overnight stay.