Winterspass im Schnee in Lech am Arlberg (c) Christoph Schoech

© Winterspass im Schnee in Lech am Arlberg (c) Christoph Schoech

Lech Zürs offers more

Additional winter activities

The limitless possibilities of winter make Lech Zürs an extra special place.

For those who can't get enough of winter

Other winter activities

Additional activities in Lech Zürs am Arlberg

In addition to skiing, cross-country skiing and similar activities, Lech Zürs also offers additional activities sure to please even the most ardent fans of winter. Experience for yourself the most special winter moments on the Arlberg and immerse yourself in the winter wonderland of Lech Zürs beyond the slopes and cross-country trails. Whether you’re keen to float away from the ordinary during a tandem flight, to relax during a sleigh ride, or to immerse yourself in pristine powder snow with snowshoes, myriad options give you the power to create your own winter dream.

Giving more value to time

Winter holidays are first and foremost about unique experiences and cherishing every precious moment. Lech Zürs in particular is an ideal place to slow things down. In order to offer you a holiday rich in variety during which you can recover from the rigours of skiing and snowboarding in addition to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we have a wide range of additional winter activities to highlight.

Our additional winter activities

Sharp blades and cool ice

Ice skating in Lech Zürs

Ice skating is about more than just the cool of the ice and the bite of the skate blades. Experience skating to its fullest in the fresh air and nature at the natural ice rink in Zürs and enjoy fun music and a hot cup of punch. Every Wednesday there is even candlelight ice skating for pure romance and pleasure.

Eisstockschießen bei Nacht Lech am Arlberg (c)

Gliding through the snow

Sledging in Lech Zürs

This is can’t-miss fun for friends and the entire family. Don’t miss out on the rush of zipping down the track on a sledge or the opportunity to let mum and dad pull sledges to the top before the action starts. This is winter at its most magical.

Pure relaxation - pure romance

Horse-drawn sleigh rides

Cuddled in a warm blanket, time stands still during a romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride. The coachman awaits you at the covered wooden bridge with his horse-drawn sleigh and in no time you’ll be convinced that a horse-drawn sleigh ride is a moment of pure private luxury straight out of a fairy tale. So sit back, relax and let the magic of the journey unfold.

Rediscovering nature

Snowshoeing in Lech Zürs

Nature as far as the eye can see & clear fresh mountain air: Snowshoe hiking is the ideal way to enjoy these two elements. It’s truly a perfect winter sport for all because snowshoe hiking can also be enjoyed without much prior experience. For all those who yearn to explore the untouched nature with all its hidden treasures, it’s as easy as renting a proper pair of snowshoes in one of the sports shops. Imagine how with every step you take, you’ll feel the satisfying crunch of the snow under your feet. Inspire all your senses and escape from the stress of everyday life!

Wintermover (c) Christoph Schoech

High above the clouds...

Tandem flights

How beautiful it truly is to float above the clouds, to glide free like a bird over the breathtaking landscape, to leave the ground  and feel the liberation of flight and to be able to observe the beautiful Arlberg area from a bird’s eye view.
Free from restrictions and engine noise, you’ll be connected to the parachute by just a few lengths of rope. With the unlimited freedom to cherish every breath of mountain air, feel the flow of the air currents and the forces of the atmosphere.

Tandemflüge in Lech am Arlberg (c) Dimitrov Strahil

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