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Light, music & art on the mountain

Fantastic Gondolas - 07.12. - 09.12.2018

Turning night into day... Celebrate a unique party at the Rüfikopf mountain station, combining light art, DJs and live acts to create an artistic happening.

Fantastic Gondolas (c) Lech Zürs Tourismus

Multimedia Happening

Fantastic Gondolas - 07.12. - 09.12.2018

Fantastic Gondolas has always been something special... There is no other event of this kind in Austria. Art, culture, happening, party... Many terms are used to describe this unique event. Because with Fantastic Gondolas the connection of light art, music, nature & humans is celebrated. And in 2018 Fantastic Gondolas gets more space and more time... Because Fantastic Gondolas 2018 will offer a program on several days and therefore the whole weekend from 7th to 9th December will be a festival.

Also in 2018 the happening at Rüfikopf, 08.12.2018 the centre of Fantastic Gondolas 2018 will be the happening at Rüfikopf. In the gondolas and on the different stages at the mountain station of Rüfikopf internationally renowned DJs will provide a party atmosphere for the audience. On the mountain, light artists will again provide goose bumps when their installations illuminate the mountain slopes at Rüfikopf in a wide variety of colours and motifs. And so the visitors not only float away from the valley with the gondola ride, they also fly into a unique space, illuminated by music, art and celebrating people. The party on Saturday lasts until the early hours of the morning, but visitors can always get into the gondolas and switch between mountain and valley.

Fantastic Gondolas 2017

Fantastic Gondolas (c) Lech Zürs Tourismus

Multimedia Happening

Line Up 2018

Disco Gondolas & Floating Artists

Fantastic Gondolas 2018 – Sound 08.12.

Gregor Tresher (GTO, Germany)
Gwen Wayne & Lina (Hamburg/Berlin)
Austrian Apparel (Wien)
Crazy Sonic b2b Fabian Hofer (Zuckerwatt)
Hari (Bar25, Berlin)
Achilles Moss (KaterBlau, Slutfunk, Raumklang)
DJ Sai b2b Klangmasseur (Alles Banane, Wien/Genf)
Billie Jean (35Grad Rec.)
Sebastian Schlachter (FM4)
WiR werden sehen (Dresden)
Hanzo & Weise (Wien)
Chemical Love (Progressive Selection)
Fry (Wien)
Guido Meloni (Heiligenblut)
Merlin Marius (Schuhprinz Productions)

Fantastic Gondolas (c) Lech Zürs Tourismus

Lightshows & Outdoor Stages

Fantastic Gondolas 2018 – Sound 08.12.

Gorge (8Bit/Knee Deep In Sound/Still Hot)
Benny Grauer (Moodmusic/Cyclic/Still Hot)
Anemona & Maurer (Allbars/Grelle Forelle/Turbo)
Yashin Express b2b Mario Moog (Schönbrunner Perlen)
Bettina Striegl b2b Patrick Testor (Linz/Altholz/Brise rec.)
Johannes Haidin (MCW)
Bastian Gruber (Wien)
Audiomed (Zürs)
Sois (Lienz)
SzymOn U (LichtbogenMusik)
Sebastian Danz (FG Resident DJ)
Mighty Mottl (FG Resident DJ)
G.Error (FG Resident DJ)
MikMok Da Groove (FG Resident DJ)

Fantastic Gondolas (c) Lech Zürs Tourismus

Light art in a snowy landscape

Light artist on the mountain

Trig Fardust (Zürich)
OchoReSotto (Graz)
Dornwittchen (Wien)
4youreye (FG Resident VJ)

Fantastic Gondolas (c) Lech Zürs Tourismus

Ticket prices 2018

Friday, 07.12.2018

Advance sale: EUR 22,-
Advance booking local* :EUR 20,-
Evening box office EUR 25,-

Saturday, 08.12.2018

Advance sale: EUR 34,-
Advance booking local* EUR 32,-
Evening box office EUR 40,-

Included in the ticket price: Gondola rides and admission to aftershow parties

Festival pass:

Advance sale EUR 52,-
Advance sale local* EUR 47,-

Included in the ticket price: Admission to FR & SA, gondola rides and aftershow parties

* Discount applies exclusively to locals and employees in Lech Zürs am Arlberg – only valid with corresponding team card or registration, work confirmation and 1 ticket per person – Attention: If you are not expelled on site, you will have to pay the surcharge at the evening box office!

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