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Panorama Mountain Rüfikopf | Activity Mountain Schlegelkopf - Petersboden

Lech Summer Lifts


Lech Summer LiftsPanorama Mountain Rüfikopf and Activity Mountain Schlegelkopf

In the summer, the Rüfikopf cable car is available on the Rüfikopf panorama mountain in Lech and the Lech-Oberlech cable car and the Petersboden lift are available on the Schlegelkopf-Petersboden activity mountain.
All the summer cable cars and lifts can be used free of charge with the Lech Card. Enjoy a breathtaking panorama on the Rüfikopf, adrenaline-filled rides with a bike on the Burgwald Trail and unforgettable moments with the family on the Schlegelkopf activity mountain.

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Panorama Mountain Rüfikopf

The Rüfikopf panorama mountain is ideal for hikers and those wishing to enjoy the countryside. Many hikes, such as the Green Ring, Geoweg, Monzabonsee and Rüfispitze, can be started from the top station of the Rüfikopf cable car. The 360-degree panorama view from the viewing platform is astounding, and the views of distant peaks are breathtaking. Numerous weekly events in the Panorama Restaurant Rüfikopf round off everything this great mountain has to offer: sunset trip on the cable car with sparkling wine reception, a panoramic fondue evening with the sunset, morning drinks with live music, a mountain breakfast, and much more besides.

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Activity Mountain Schlegelkopf - Petersboden

For families, mountain bikers and nature lovers, the Schlegelkopf activity mountain is the ideal place to be active in the countryside. The Burgwald bike trail provides an adrenaline-filled adventure for mountain bikers. Alternatively, on the special themed trails, you can obtain information about the geological features of the gypsum holes and other unique natural phenomena. Children can solve the riddles on the Green Mystery Ring and enjoy lots of action at the water park and petting zoo at Rud-Alpe.
One mountain - numerous possibilities ...

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Lech Summer Cable Cars and Lifts Experiences and Activities
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    We hope you enjoy your summer holiday in Lech and have unforgettable moments at the Arlberg. The Lech Cable Cars offer many possibilities for that.