Summer in the mountains

Summer in Lech Zürs

Let your gaze wander into the distance and leave your cares behind you. Perceive and savour this very moment beyond your usual routine. This is just one of the innumerable moments that will be etched into your memory for years to come.

Enjoy each and every hour of sunshine

Mountainfeeling meets Summerfeeling

Explore the mountains on high-altitude hiking trails, enjoy a leisurely hike or an ambitious trail run. Summer activities you can enjoy in Lech Zürs are as diverse as the Arlberg itself: playing golf, mountain biking, fishing or swimming in the Lech forest swimming pool.

In Arlberg, however, there is so much more than just sports to enjoy. Various events showcase the area’s traditional heritage and contemporary culture in the form of lectures, concerts, vernissages or celebrations. ‘Oldtimers,’ i.e., classic cars, are a symbol for the mixture of tradition and modernity and are an indispensable part of the picture-book backdrop.

Experience the summer

Lake Formarinsee in summer Zugertal 2018 (c) Lech Zürs Tourism

More time. More Space.

My Lech Card

Discover the Lecher mountain summer with one card.


Mountain summer at Arlberg

Back to the roots, to the pristine natural landscape: refresh yourself with clear, fresh spring water and hike in the natural paradise of Arlberg. A summer holiday in Lech Zürs is equally as exciting for families as it is for couples or individual explorers.

Three themed trails criss-cross the Lech Zürs am Arlberg region: the Lechweg trail, the Green Ring and the Tannberg with the famous Körbersee Lake, which was recognised as Austria’s most beautiful place in 2017. The many hiking trails lead through varied terrain. The diverse hiking trails give hikers time to find their own way around and to explore the area. Marmots, chamois, eagles and Alpine chough await discovery. Catching a glimpse of shy animals on the Arlberg is reserved for those who explore nature quietly and attentively. The phrase “respect boundaries” applies in both winter and summer on the Arlberg.

Summer sports on the Arlberg

Road bikers and mountain bikers, as well as enduro bikers and freeriders, can expect challenging routes and tours in Lech Zürs. The Burgwald Bike Trail is the first official freeride and enduro route in Vorarlberg. North Shore Trails and Single Trails challenge beginners, the advanced and pros alike. Naturally, the various different levels of difficulty have to be mastered according to ability. The two trails are located in the area between Lech and Oberlech. They can be accessed comfortably with the Bergbahn Oberlech cable car and the Petersboden chairlift. Then the real challenge begins! Road cyclists will profit from a demanding training area, steep climbs and rapid descents on the winding mountain roads. Smile as the kilometres just fly by and before you know it, you’ll be back in Lech Zürs. Once back at your hotel or B&B on the Arlberg, enjoy legendary rest and relaxation on holiday.

Trail running on the Arlberg

Trail running, running on the mountain, is the ideal sport for clearing your head and you don’t need much equipment. If you bring your trainers, we’ll supply the trails. Any thoughts of procrastination should be left behind in the valley. Make your way up the well-maintained trails and paths through the blooming and green nature, past rocks and rock formations, towards the summit. An ample award awaits the trail runner once on high: An unrestricted view of the summits and scenic views.


The AMAS study investigated how training at medium altitudes affects performance and general well being. The altitude training effect sets in after a short time and affects the musculoskeletal system as well as the hormonal system. The study data were collected in Lech Zürs, among other places. Further information can be found on the Trail Running page.

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