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Trail running in Lech Zürs

Exercise at altitude in Lech Zürs is scientifically proven to make you happy!

Some people walk or go for a walk, others jog or run. Then there are those who love Nordic walking or trail running while still others yearn for mountain running or high-altitude jogging. What unites all of these people is the joy of movement. Lech Zürs am Arlberg offers the perfect terrain and ideal conditions for these types of sports and forms of exercise.

The mountain world of Lech Zürs is a place of power

In summer it is quieter than in the winter, making it the ideal time to spend time in nature concentrating on your mind and body. Whether you move quickly or slowly, whether strolling, hiking or jogging on one of the stunning plateaus of Lech Zürs – moving forwards at your own pace focuses the mind. Exercising in the fresh air assists the body during training and promotes mental regeneration. The recreational value is at least as high as the fitness value.


Recharge your batteries - The trails in Lech Zürs await!


The ten running trails in Lech Zürs cover a total of 54 kilometres. Extreme sports enthusiasts can power their way along them, just as joggers can relax and take their time. The routes are varied, leading over pebbly shore paths, soft meadows and fields, mossy forest and woodland paths. Running on natural surfaces is good for the muscles, is gentle on the joints, and massages the soles of the feet at the same time. In our interactive running map, we’ve compiled the most scenic trails for you.

Physical and mental regeneration

Keen to give your circulation some extra momentum? Here’s how: Take your sports shoes off after a long run and put your feet in the cool waters of the Lech river. Breathe deeply a few times so that the wonderfully fresh mountain air penetrates to the base of the lungs. If ever you needed a reminder of just how good an active summer holiday in Lech Zürs am Arlberg can be, this is how holidays should feel.


Altitude training in the Arlberg region - Sustainable well-being


That which hikers and runners feel intuitively has long since been proven scientifically: Even a short time spent at medium altitudes, i.e. 1500-2500 metres, combined with exercise, has a positive impact on health and leads to lasting well-being. Body and mind regenerate and a feeling of happiness develops. This has been confirmed by the AMAS (Austrian Moderate Altitude Study) altitude studies I and II. The studies were partially conducted in Lech Zürs am Arlberg. This research was carried out in Lech Zürs am Arlberg and other locations. In other words, it has been scientifically proven that sport makes people happy in Lech Zürs!