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Summer activities in Lech Zürs

Tension the bowstring and take a deep breath. Then hold your breath and your chin clings tightly to the hand holding the string. One last checking look over the tip of the arrow, then the arrow rushes off and cuts through the air.

Summer Adventures

More than hiking

The Arlberg is famous for its hiking and mountain biking routes. But there is even more to explore.

To make your way through the river bed in a gorge, to abseil next to waterfalls and to slide down natural slides formed by the water is an exciting opportunity to get to know the region at the Arlberg especially intensively. A 3D curved course demands a lot from the skill of the visitors. Friendly competition and the common achievement of a goal are in the foreground. From beach volleyball and tennis to climbing and golfing, numerous activities invite you to do exactly what you’ve been wanting to do for a long time in Lech Zürs.


Even more action

Lake Formarinsee in summer Zugertal 2018 (c) Lech Zürs Tourism

More time. More Space.

My Lech Card

Discover the Lecher mountain summer with one card.

Be inspired by us

Bergrettung Lech (c) Lech Zürs Tourismus

Gemütlich am Kamm entlang ...

Wandern in Lech Zürs

Im eigenen Tempo die Natur am Arlberg durchwandern und den Blick schweifen lassen. Die unfassbare Weite erahnen und die Freiheit erleben, einen Augenblick so lan...

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