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Back in the saddle

Mountain biking in Lech Zürs

The steep ascent was worth it. Take in the view over the mountain peaks and valleys and savour the silence at the summit cross. Now the descent awaits. Helmet on, release the suspension and pedal twice - it’s all downhill from here.

Pedal of Honor

Bike Area Arlberg

Kriegerhorn and Mehlsack - these peaks make skiers' pulses race in winter. In summertime on the other hand, mountain bikers and hikers share these mountains.

E-bikes and mountain bikes are the ideal way to conquer the trails, which guide cyclists up and around the peaks of the region. In any case, panoramic views of the Alps reward summer sports enthusiasts for their efforts. It’s up to you whether you want to experience the Arlberg on your own or gather kilometres and impressions during a guided e-bike tour. The interactive bike tour is a valuable decision-making aid and a valuable tool for mountain bikers and hikers alike.

Experience nature with all your senses

Mountain biking is rightly considered to be an ideal recreational sport for winter sports enthusiasts. It strengthens the leg and core muscles as well as improving coordination skills, and these are just two of the reasons why many winter sports enthusiasts use cycling as training. In Lech Zürs, you are in the heart of Arlberg, so the routes are incredibly scenic. It is not just a form of exercise, it is also good for the mind. In Lech Zürs, mountain biking is about experiencing flow and taking strength from being in the midst of the impressive mountain scenery.

Uphill and downhill

For Mountainbikers and E-Bikers

All tours around Lech Zürs

Get in your saddle!

Fantastic routes in the Arlberg

The routes around Lech Zürs are diverse and varied. There is something for beginners and recreational cyclists, as well as experienced trail cyclists and fans of high altitudes. Huts and meadows along the way provide opportunities for a well-earned rest. This means that the sporting aspect of an active holiday is always combined with the necessary rest and recovery.

Equipment and Service


Rental: Mountainbikes and E-Bikes Sale: Bikes, Parts and Bikewear

Rental: Mountainbikes and E-Bikes Sale: Bikes, Parts and Bikewear

Intersport Arlberg
Rental: Mountainbikes and E-Bikes Sale: Bikes, Parts and Bikewear


Basically obvious but also extremely important: show consideration to people and nature when cycling. These are the most important aspects for ensuring that a holiday in Lech Zürs is a great experience for all visitors:

Controlled cycling

Keep a constant eye on your speed. Do not lock up the wheels unnecessarily

Do not enter closed sections 

Do not cycle on closed tracks, e.g. during forestry work or tracks that are permanently off-limits for bikes. Abide by quiet times for animals (after 7 pm in the summer)

Show consideration to walkers

Overtake slowly, preferably with a friendly greeting. Always be ready to brake.

Protection of the environment

Do not leave any rubbish behind and do not cycle off the marked tracks

Correctly assess your cycling skills

Critically question your abilities

Adhering to these principles helps ensure peaceful coexistence of landowners, hikers and cyclists.

Mountain biking in Vorarlberg

Countless bike tours and cycling routes attract cyclists and mountain bikers every year to Lech Zürs am Arlberg. Transalp, Alpine cross or active holidays: mountain bikers are an indispensable part of the Arlberg mountain world.

Downhill riders and mountain bikers will enjoy the challenging, steep routes here. Although these can be strenuous and difficult, the feeling of happiness at the summit or the adrenalin rush as you descend into the valley below makes it all worthwhile. Leisure-minded bikers opt instead for flatter routes and cycle tours on which natural attractions invite them to linger in between. Getting exercise is perhaps of top priority when cycling or maybe simply experiencing the Alps on holiday at the Arlberg is enough. Either way, the huts along the bike trails will invite you to rest and take a well-deserved break. This will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds in addition to the typical hospitality prevalent in Lech Zürs am Arlberg.

E-Bikes in Lech Zürs

E-bikes and e-mountain bikes are becoming increasingly popular. Though the electric bike doesn’t do all the work and the cyclist still has to pedal, the electric motor makes cycling easier. The motor is especially handy on the mountain and ensures that you can ride through the mountain landscape at higher speeds on flat tracks. If you don’t have your own e-bike, e-bikes and e-mountain bikes can be rented in Lech Zürs at bicycle rental shops that offer single or multi-day rentals. Additionally, the bike stations also organise guided e-bike tours throughout the landscape of Lech Zürs am Arlberg.

The Burgwald Biketrail

Single trails and North Shore trails can be found at the Burgwald Biketrail, the first Freeride and Enduro are in Vorarlberg. Beginner mountain bikers and the ambitious will have the opportunity to spend plenty of time here, to train and to explore their limits. The trail is located right next to the Bergbahn Lech-Oberlech cable car and the Petersboden chairlift. The difficulty levels on the trails cater to cyclists of different abilities. As a result, the tried and tested colour scale of the ski slope has been adopted here as well: blue = easy, red = easy, red = easy. Berms and wooden curves, North Shore elements and drops challenge the bikers on the Burgwald Trail. Without a doubt, however, the highlights in Burgwald are the 50-m-long Anaconda-North Shore Element, the Skinny Boardwalk and the Patrese jump with a double road gap.

E-bikes and e-mountainbikes

E-bikes and e-mountainbikes are becoming increasingly popular. The electric motor makes cycling easier, although it does not do all the work. The cyclist still has to get on the pedals. Especially on the mountain, the motor makes the effort easier or, on flat roads, makes sure that the cyclist can cycle through the mountain landscape at higher speeds. E-bikes and e-mountainbikes can be rented in Lech Zürs if you do not have your own e-bike. The bike rentals in Lech Zürs offer bikes for one or more days. The bike stations also organize guided e-bike tours through the countryside of Lech Zürs am Arlberg.


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