Kräuterwanderung als Rahmenprogramm beim Medicinicum in Lech. Fotografin: Bernadette Otter

© Kräuterwanderung als Rahmenprogramm beim Medicinicum in Lech. Fotografin: Bernadette Otter

23. May 2017 | All

Many roads lead to health

The power of nature

Light will be thrown upon the art of healing from the Orient to Occident at the 4th Medicinicum Lech. In addition to exciting lectures on the different disciplines, some of them can also be experienced first Hand.

The Indians swear by Ayurveda, the healthy lifestyle of body, mind and soul. Alongside a diet based on the individual, massages and oil treatments also play an important role. The Chinese rely on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which Westerners often think of as being acupuncture, Qi Gong as well as Ying and Yang. We Europeans tend to be used to being treated according to Western traditional medicine. However, the trend towards alternative healing methods has also been growing here for some time.

Im Gespräch beim Medicinicum Lech. Fotografin: Bernadette Otter

Discussions at eye level..

… Many of us have already tried them:the homoeopathic ”white globules“, the magic of shamanism or the testing of certain remedies in kinesiology. The Medicinicum Lech wants to examine these current developments more closely and not only present the different approaches, but also discuss them with the audience. In doing so, no preference is shown to any of the methods, but rather the conference will attempt to establish the commonalities of the different medical schools and break down some of the prejudices.

The latest findings…

… Under the scientific leadership of Dr. Markus M. Metka, in just a few years the Medicinicum Lech has established itself as a solid, and very appreciated institution by its visitors. Due to its wide selection of experts from a vast range of fields, such as medicine, naturopathy, philosophy and sociology, the topics are presented controversially and look beyond their own special focus. Latest medical findings and ancient healing methods are thus discussed together on one stage. In this way, it‘s possible to reach
mutual understanding and appreciation. Alongside the lectures and discussions, numerous activities, such as show cooking, herbal walks, wine tasting or yoga sessions invite participants to take part and experience some of the methods first hand. Of course 2017 will again look at the topics of anti-aging and nutritional medicine. Two disciplines from Eastern healing methods that Western medicine can still learn a lot from.

Yoga als Rahmenprogramm beim Medicinicum Lech. Fotografin: Bernadette Otter

Medicinicum Lech

”Many roads lead to health“ is the motto of the 4th Medicinicum Lech from 6 to 9 July 2017, whose main focus is to present the great schools of medicine. In addition to the lectures and panel discussions, a colourful social program will be on offer.For more information:

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