Der Grüne Rätsel-Ring in Lech am Arlberg

3 adventure trails for families

iscover nature through children's eyes

Being a child in the nature and mountains of Lech

Children see and discover nature in their very own way! A cloud becomes a dinosaur, a root a snake or a pile of stones a creative cairn. We want to pick up on these special experiences in nature with our adventure trails and offer distinctive hikes for families that will be remembered!


In this collection we have listed three hikes for you that offer experiences for the whole family. Around every corner there is something new to discover, and bang, any effort fades into the background and it almost hikes itself. For example, there is the Grüner Rätsel-Ring, the Geoweg, the Arlenzauberweg, the Blütenreich or the Seinzeit-Trail. Each of these walks is special and yet they all belong to the Grüner Ring family.


With the various lifts and cable cars, which are also open in summer, many a tour can be shortened so that children can also discover the mountain world from a new perspective. After hiking, treat yourself to a well-deserved cool-down in the swimmping pool Lech. Thanks to a sports pool, an aquafit pool with bubble loungers and massage jets, a wide wave slide and a children's and baby pool, everyone will have fun here.

1. Grüner Rätsel-Ring: the varied hike for families and puzzle fans with brains

The lovingly designed workbook is part of the basic equipment for all clever foxes and is available at the Lech Zürs Information for € 5,00. As soon as everyone is ready to go, the puzzle journey towards the Rud-Alpe begins.


Hiking-puzzle fun for the whole 

The tranquil path of the Green Riddle Ring is peppered with stations that are best deciphered together with cleverness and imagination. The riddle rally comes to an end when you reach the Rud-Alpe, find the solution word, a tattered workbook and an overjoyed gang of riddlers. As a reward, the adults can enjoy the view of the valley from the terrace, while the water playground awaits the puzzle kings.


Being a child in the nature and mountains of Lech

The puzzles are equally difficult for young and old to crack, the tasks involve climbing, angling, kicking, turning and pumping, and you really never know what's coming next. This composition ensures that even families with smaller children can enjoy tackling the few metres of altitude.


You probably won't recognise the workbook at the end either. In the course of the hike, it will be painted, torn, embossed and much worse, in order to find out the coveted solution word at the end. A real workbook.

Water playground at the Rud-Alpe

While the adults relax on the gorgeous terrace with a view over Lech, the puzzle heroes experience new adventures on the extensive water playground. So that your children can enjoy the water playground to the fullest, we recommend bringing a dry spare set.


Walk to the dragonfly lake

After a relaxing break, families can set off directly from the Rud-Alpe for another unique experience. The trail leads slightly uphill to Oberlech, where you will immediately see the Petersboden lift and the Oberlech cable car. Behind the Petersboden Hotel, the trail to the Dragonfly Lake/Libellensee begins. Along the forest path you will discover many exotic animals and soon arrive at the small but extraordinary lake. There is a wondrous pump here that is just waiting to finally be operated once again. If you have looked at the natural spectacle long enough, you will come out of the forest again via the magical footbridge.

2. Arlenzauberweg - Natural treasures put under the microscope

Along the Arlenzauberweg, special characteristics of animals and plants are presented at over 20 stations. The small, often hidden treasures along the Arlenzauberweg are examined in an informative and entertaining way.


From carnivorous plants to true mountain survivalists and perfectly organised states! The Arlenzauberweg leads from the mountain station of the Oberlech cable car via the dragonfly lake past beautiful flower meadows on the Schlegelkopf to the Rud-Alpe (or vice versa) and holds numerous magical treasures in store for interested visitors. On the fabulous hiking trail, special characteristics of animals and plants are presented at more than 20 stations. The small, often hidden treasures along the Arlenzauberweg are examined in an informative and entertaining way.


NEW! Research assignment for kids - with a surprise at the Rud-Alpe

New information boards with plant names along the Arlenzauberweg. Along the trail, more than 20 additional native plant species can now be identified on wooden information boards. After the hike, the kids can look forward to lots of action at the large water playground and tree house at the Rud-Alpe, as well as a petting zoo with giant white rabbits, pygmy goats and mini pigs.


The trail is not suitable for prams. Strollers can be rented at the Lech-Oberlech mountain railway  (EUR 15,-- per day)

The Arlenzauber-Trail


3. The Geo-Trail: on the way in a petrified sea

Stone witnesses on the path through millions of years

Standing on the Rüfikopf today, we not only overlook one of the most beautiful regions of the Alps - the historic Tannberg in the north, the legendary Arlberg in the south - but also perch on a legendary witness to the history of the earth. Huge tectonic forces, fascinating geological processes and far-reaching climatic influences created and shaped this mountain over hundreds of millions of years. Its rock tells of the coming into being and passing away of entire continents and oceans, its sediments hold the most valuable relics, its shape tells of the emergence of the Alps as well as of formative shaping by mighty glaciers.


Walking among mussels and squid

What was for a long time a closed book and bizarre phenomena in rock and stone for our ancestors, science unravelled and brought to light insights into long-gone epochs of our earth. Today, a multifaceted range of geological phenomena provides us with exciting insights into the origin and structure of the mountain, into the unfolding of the landscape, into the richness of submerged worlds of life. What is now the area of Lech once lay near the Aquator. Where today there is alpine terrain, in prehistoric times mussels and primeval "octopuses" cavorted. What once rested under deep blue water rose to an imposing peak, towering over a massive expanse of ice. The Geological Trail invites you on a fantastic journey through time - along "stone witnesses" on the way through millions of years. Discover the secrets of a world that opens up other dimensions of time!


Hike through a grandiose alpine "rock garden", where magnificent flowers and herbs form enchanting contrasts to the multiform rock and in which Lake Monzabon nestles like a sparkling diamond! Marvel at imperishable jewels, geological treasures carved in stone and time!