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A new space for art


Katia and Gerold Schneider have established a new exhibition space in the Zug part of Lech. In this year’s exhibition at Kunstraum Zug the two artists Christoph and Markus Getzner created a new group of works.

Uranium 238 has a half-life of 4.5 billion years


"The reach of human action and the long-term consequences of today's doing for us humans, for animals, and nature must  be reflected upon and, as a consequence, action in the sense of cross-generational responsibility must be taken. In contrast to this there are periods of time that are faced with an open and uncertain future while wielding insufficiently founded knowledge to support realisation and problem solving." - Christoph and Markus Getzner



Exhibition Opening: 17th December 2022


Opening hours:

18th December 2022 – 9th April 2023

Thu, Fri, Sunday 03.00 – 06.00pm




Katia und Gerold Schneider

Zug 388, 6764 Lech am Arlberg

Phone: +43 664 / 5167 870

info@allmeinde.org, www.allmeinde.org