Gironcoli OHNE TITEL (c) Gerold Schneider


Showcasing sculptures by Bruno Bironcoli

A new space for art


Katia and Gerold Schneider have established a new exhibition space in the Zug part of Lech. In their first exhibition, KUNSTRAUM ZUG presented sculptures by Austrian artist Bruno Gironcoli.


The KUNSTRAUM ZUG will be closed in summer 2022.


The next exhibition will take place from December 2022.

Bruno Gironcoli

Exhibition Winter 2021 / 22





Bruno Gironcoli (1936–2019) is considered one of the most influential artists in Austrian contemporary art. His oeuvre is a highly personal cosmos: everyday objects mutate and become artistic set pieces that discuss birth, parenthood, eros, violence, and sexuality in the form of a private mythology, thus turning them into metaphors for human existence.


“I was looking for a sound, rather than an abstraction. I didn’t want to make anything others had already completed; I wanted to meet my own world and touch upon questions that are still unsolved for me. I probably also wanted to create that lost image of man, without setting it.” - Bruno Gironcoli


Zug 388, Lech

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