Speedrace Zürs


The White Ring - Speed Race

16.01.2020 Zürs am Arlberg

The White Ring – The Speed Race is a real highlight in January at the Arlberg. In the run-up to the White Ring, athletes can improve their starting numbers by reaching as high a speed as possible. Ideal conditions for an exciting competition in which not the fastest time, but the highest speed wins.
You are standing at the start, in front of you a steep slope, well prepared, but still an overcoming shot to jump down here. Your pulse is racing and you’re about to start. Then the start release, shift weight forward and push off strongly, in order to immediately take up speed. The skis point mercilessly towards the valley and with all their skiing skills you remain in a stable and aerodynamic position. In the corners of your eyes you can see how you race past the other participants, fans and spectators under your helmet, but you can hardly hear their cheers. And then, all of a sudden, it’s all over again and you’re swinging down in the finish area. You look at the display with excitement to see your performance immediately confirmed. Your team members have gathered around you in the meantime, everyone is curious who will have the best time in the team or in the company. And then cheers break out…
These moments, when you can compete with your colleagues, friends and athletes from all over the world, you will experience these moments at the White Ring – the Speed Race.


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