Once in a lifetime

Heliskiing in Lech Zürs

Kneeling down in the snow, the roar steadily increases as the helicopter takes off and flies away. Nothing remains but silence and snow kicked up into the air. As the snow settles again, the silence remains and the powder snow adventure can begin.

Once in a lifetime

Powder Experience

Climb into a helicopter and arrive at a lonely summit. From on high, find your own line, plunge into powder snow up to your hips, and propel the powder meters high into the air with every turn.

In Lech Zürs am Arlberg, heliskiing produces that deep powder snow grin you’ve been missing, regardless of whether your face already has a few wrinkles or if you still have to earn them.

For experienced and good skiers

Heliskiing, Fotografin Bernadette Otter

Heliskiing in Austria

Unique in Austria

Lech Zürs is the only place in Austria to offer heliskiing, and this is possible in Lech Zürs from two summits: the “Mehlsack” peak is the summit of choice for experienced skiers who are ready for an adventure and are looking for an experience where they can improve their skills. The “Schneetäli-Orgelscharte,” on the other hand, is recommended for skiers with intermediate skills. The challenge awaits skiers from the moment they touch down: fresh powder snow in winter or firn snow in spring. After all, every type of snow has its charms to thrill skiers of all stripes and ability levels. This is a challenge you won’t soon forget.


We recommend that you book directly with the ski schools in Lech Zürs. Heliskiing packages are available for up to four people and include a ski guide.

Einmalig in Österreich

Mehlsack – Heliskiing for experienced skiers

Dream ski runs for freeriders and powder-snow freaks start right here. In springtime, firn snow fans get their money’s worth. The route towards the “Älpele” is the most popular downhill variant. From the bottom of the valley, a footpath leads back to Zug (from Zug there is a ski bus to Lech or the Zuger Bergbahn cable car takes you to the skiing area). During spring, the route variant to the Spullersee lake with its many sunny slopes is particularly worthwhile. The hardest part here is to decide for one of the many firn-snow-rich slopes. Your ski guide will surely help you to decide.

Mehlsack. Fotograf: Sepp Mallaun

Schneetal valley - Orgelscharte: dreamlike firn snow in spring

The first highlight is the landing site, which is located below the peak of the Orgelscharte. This is where the descent into the Schneetal valley begins and continues all they way down to Zug. In spring, this route variant is particularly suitable as a firn snow descent, where skiers with intermediate skiing skills can enjoy every turn to the fullest.

Landeplatz Orgelscharte

Tipps from Freeride Profi

Helikopter Heliskiing

A unique experience – exclusively in Lech Zürs

Heliskiing prices in Lech Zürs am Arlberg

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