Der Grüne Ring

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Fabled and Secret Trails

The Green Ring in Lech Zürs am Arlberg

Stroll, discover, marvel – take the time to hike through the mountain world along the Green Ring and you’ll experience something special: doors that stand in the middle of the landscape, Taurin the Giant at the Stierlochkopf mountain, or scribbles in the fabled forest.

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Secret trails of legend on the Arlberg

The Green Ring

Steeped in tradition, nature and a plenty of imagination, hikers have an entire world of legends to explore

On the three-day stage hike through a lovingly created, modern world of legends, hikers will wander along mountain ridges, through valley depressions, and past mountain lakes and rivers that are exposed and hidden around Lech Zürs. But there is even more up there to discover: mythical creatures and their legends, fascinating stories and exhibitions, brought to life and created especially for the Green Ring. To enter this world of legends, hikers need simply take their time and appreciate the beauty.

Views of the Green Ring

The stages of the Green Ring

Hikes in picturesque mountain scenery

The founders of the Green Ring

Daniela Egger

The sculptor Daniel Nikolaus Kocher and the writer Daniela Egger designed the themed trail. While Daniel Nikolaus Kocher created fabulous figures and inspiring installations, Daniela Egger wrote imaginative and gripping fairy tales. Geographical peculiarities, field names and mythical creatures served as inspiration for the pair to populate the mountain world of Lech Zürs with mythical creatures.

Daniela Egger (c) Lech Zürs Tourismus

Daniel Nikolaus Kocher

The legends of the Green Ring lead through hitherto unknown, interesting and peculiar areas, which are often difficult to see with the naked eye. The works of art and carefully selected resting places help hikers to sharpen their awareness of the hidden beauties to be found in the Lech Zürs am Arlberg region.

TÜRE Projektinitiator Daniel Nikolaus Kocher (c) Lech Zürs Tourismus
Der Grüne Rätsel-Ring

Riddle fun for old and young

The Green Riddle Ring

Young and old detectives go out to solve the adventurous secrets and exciting tasks.

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