© Fishing in the natural paradise at the fishpond in Zug (c) Lech Zürs am Arlberg

A fisherman's paradise in the high mountains


A dream for every fisherman and hobby angler reveals itself in the middle of the mountain landscape.

Fishing is the most unsuspicious way of doing nothing...


Petri Heil! In Lech am Arlberg

In addition to a variety of activities, fishing in Lech am Arlberg has established itself as an insider tip in the fishing community. Fishing in the wild and romantic Zugertal, at Lake Formarin or Lake Spullersee means for the fisherman’s heart to enjoy the early morning hours in peaceful and meditative silence. To breathe in clear, fresh morning air in beautiful mountain ash. Accompanied by the even noise of the Lechbach stream. To fish from crystal clear water of the Lechbach, Fischteich, lake Spuller- or Formarinsee or Zürsersee.

The breathtaking natural landscape invites you to reflect and “be with yourself”. From time to time one is torn from one’s thoughts when fishing is a pull and the fisherman’s heart begins to beat faster in anticipation.




Where fishing dreams come true

Fishpond in Zug

The Lech Fishing Association’s own fishpond is located directly on the Lechbach in Zug. It has been a meeting place for anglers and hobby fishermen since 1976. Experienced fishermen give tips on how to catch fish right away. Baits and fishing equipment can be rented. If desired, the self-caught fish can be prepared afterwards.

Lake Formarinsee

The most beautiful place in Austria in 2015 is not only a popular excursion destination for hikers. At the mountain lake in the Lechquellgebirge, fishermen not only enjoy peaceful silence and an incomparable mountain panorama. The good stock of rainbow and brook trout provides every fisherman with a unique experience at the most beautiful spot in Austria.

Lake Formarinsee is managed by the fishing association Klostertal.

Formarinsee im Sommer Zugertal 2018 (c) Lech Zürs Tourismus

Lake Spullersee

A fantastic mountain scenery at 1810m above sea level creates an unforgettable experience for every fisherman. The lake is home to a stock of brook trout, lake trout, rainbow trout, lake trout, brook trout and salmonids.
Fishing day tickets are available online.

The Lechbach Trail

The high mountain stream can be fished over a total length of 17 km. The Lechbach is a paradise for fly fishermen. The varied appearance of the Lech is characterised by deep, winding gorges over trickling gravel stretches and crystal-clear gullies. Rainbow trout, grayling and brown trout can be fished in the Lechbach.

Die erste Etappe vom Lechweg. Fotograf: Markus Hahn

Lake Zürsersee

Zürsersee im Sommer. Fotograf: Markus Hahn

Ticket counters

Fischteich Zug, Tel: +43 (676) 72 87 666

Lech Zürs Tourismus, Tel: +43 (5583) 2161-0

Please note opening hours!

– Alpe Dalaaser Staffel, Tel: +43 (664) 3968977

Fischteich Zug, Tel: +43 (676) 72 87 666

Lech Zürs Tourismus, Tel: +43 (5583) 2161-0

– Lech Zürs Tourismus, Tel: +43 (5583) 2161-0

Hotel Gotthard, Lech

Freiburger Hütte, Tel: +43 (664) 17 45 042

– OMV Tankstellen Innerbraz und Klösterle

– Alpe Klösterle, “Klostner Älpele”

Day tickets for the Spullersee and the Lechbach can be purchased Online.


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