Skiroute Langer Zug in Lech Zürs am Arlberg

© Skiroute Langer Zug in Lech Zürs am Arlberg

One of the steepest prepared ski routes in the wor

Infopoint Langer Zug & Ski Route Langer Zug

With a gradient of 80% in the upper third, the Lange Zug is one of the steepest groomed ski runs in the world and probably well-known to every skier on the Arlberg. Since the 2018/19 season, you can take a look behind the scenes at the entrance to the Lange Zug.

Infopoint Lange Zug

Immerse yourself in history

In a former warehouse of the Rüfikopf-Seilbahn AG at Lange Zug, from the winter season 2018/19, the motto will be: unstrap your skis, enter and gain valuable insights! With the opening of the Langer Zug Info Point by Rüfikopf-Seilbahn AG, this spectacular descent will be even more exciting. The Infopoint is located in the immediate vicinity of the "Schafalplift" mountain station on an impressive plateau, which leads directly to the ski slope.

Shaky knees or palpitations are not uncommon here! Those who take the Rüfikopfbahn up to 2,350 m will find themselves at the starting point of one of the steepest prepared ski runs in the world.

But how is a preparation possible at all with a gradient of 80 %? Where does the name Langer Zug come from? How do you protect the ski route from avalanches? And what is necessary, like speed skier Harry Egger, to master the Long Train at an incredible 248 km/h?

Infopoint Lange Zug

Skiroute Langer Zug in Lech Zürs am Arlberg

A look behind the scenes

Ski Route Der Lange Zug

At Rüfikopf in Lech, the Lange Zug offers skiers a special challenge that will not forgive any skiing mistakes!

The Lange Zug is an extreme ski route with a total length of 4.7 km, which is prepared daily and has a maximum gradient of 80% in the steepest part.

From Lech, the Rüfikopf lifts take winter sports enthusiasts to the starting point of the legendary descent. The access to the Langen Zug starts at the panorama restaurant Rüfikopf via the ski route 181. From there the ski route 215 branches off towards the Schafalp lift, which leads skiers to the entry point of the steep channel in the Langen Zug.

With a maximum gradient of 80%, the upper part of the channel has a length of 391 m and a height difference of 199 m, with an average gradient of spectacular 78%. After successfully mastering the steep descent, you reach the Schlosskopf lift at the end of the ski route, which takes you back to the Lech ski area. At the end of the ski day, the skis can also be unbuckled directly from the parked car at the Schlosskopf day car park.


Facts about the Lange Zug

Infopoint Langer Zug - The story of the famous downhill ski run

Exciting insights into the newly designed Infopoint Langer Zug

The Langer Zug Infopoint sends visitors on a captivating journey through the history of the Long Train. Information charts and video material open up a new perspective on the famous downhill ski run.

From the origin of its name to the history of slope preparation and avalanche protection to the construction of the Schafalp lift and the speed world record at the Langen Zug by the East Tyrolean Harry Egger in 2002: with the multifaceted exhibition “Infopoint Langer Zug” the Lech ski area is one attraction richer!

Then as now a steep thing

The history of the Infopoint-Hütte already astonishes the visitor: It was built at the beginning of the 60ies and served the company “Rüfikopf-Seilbahn AG” as a storage room for the equipment for preparing the slopes of the Long Train. To be more precise: for a roller, a VW winch weighing approx. 200 kg with winch rope, industrial motor and four-speed gearbox. This roller was steered down the steep slope by a cable car employee on skis. But you never knew exactly who was controlling whom. Undoubtedly a breakneck action that required a lot of courage.

Record Attempts

Another anecdote and another milestone on the Long Train was speed skier Harry Egger, who narrowly missed a new world record with 248 Km/h, but who can claim the fastest descent on this ski route forever. The logistical and organisational effort required for this record attempt will be explained in an exciting way at the Infopoint.


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