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Handmade Quality – Sustainable Luxury

This is what the MEISTERSTRASSE IN RESIDENCE stands for, which will once again bring high-quality craftsmanship to Lech Zürs this year.


For over 20 years, the MEISTERSTRASSE has acted as a guide and umbrella brand for excellent craftsmanship and high-quality manufacturing. This year, the masters and manufacturers of the MEISTERSTRASSE are once again guests in Lech Zürs. Master craftsmen and manufactory owners from Austria, Germany and Japan let you look over their shoulders as they work and give you an insight into their craft, their ideas and their history.

Renowned traditional houses can be found on the MEISTERSTRASSE as well as very local insider tips. Natural, original, sustainable and personal - that is what characterises all their products and their way of working. They are united by their passion for masterpieces.

200213_CN Rath
“Since then, we have seen it as our task to bring the philosophy of master producers and their products before the curtain”
Nicola & Christoph Rath
Founder of the Meisterstrasse

Unique worldwide

With this idea, Nicola and Christoph Rath have created something very special and unique: an international platform of artisanal producers from a wide variety of sectors. And they span far more than one continent: MEISTERSTRASSEN businesses now exist in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, England as well as Japan and Thailand. How did the couple get to these countries?

"We have always been enthusiastic frequent travellers: travelling through foreign countries with open senses and getting to know the landscape, culture and people there is our great passion. Culinary delights and the authentic handicrafts of a country make all of this accessible in a particularly pleasant and sustainable way. When we discover great craftsmen on our travels, it is a pleasure for us to include them in the MEISTERSTRASSE".

Showcase for Craftsmanship

With the inclusion of high-quality producers, the MEISTERSTRASSE not only helps them to become better known: there is much more behind it. The MEISTERSTRASSE opens up market access for producers and thus ensures their survival in a globalised world. The vision of the couple is to generate a broad publicity for the passion of the craftsmen, for their skills, traditions as well as their entrepreneurial spirit. In this way, their products, as the result of a cultural tradition, should also always have an economic future. And this is where Lech Zürs comes into play, among other things: the high alpine village convinced the couple with its extraordinary, exposed location as well as with its uncompromising commitment to quality - Lech Zürs fits perfectly with the philosophy of the MEISTERSTRASSE with its handicraft quality businesses. That is why the MEISTERSTRASSE presents Lech's guests with exquisite craftsmanship and world-renowned manufactory products year after year.

For the manufactory owners, this means being able to meet a public in Lech Zürs that not only expects good quality, but also appreciates it and wants to surround themselves with it.

"The MEISTERSTRASSE IN RESIDENCE on the Arlberg has also become a fixed point for guests that is actively sought after - people expect to meet "their" craftsman again in "their" week. This is how regular guests become regular customers for our master craftsmen and manufactories".

The future of the MEISTERSTRASSE

“There is good craftsmanship all over the world and we must and hopefully may continue to work for many decades to find these artisanal treasures and present them with the MEISTERSTRASSE”
Nicola & Christoph Rath
Founder of the Meisterstrasse

In addition to the expansion of the already existing countries as well as the departure for new shores, the couple has very special visions for the cooperation with Lech Zürs: the exquisite selection of special master craftsmen is just as much a focus as the creation of new events and a possible expansion of the MEISTERSTRASSE in Lech Zürs in summer as well.

Opening hours

The programme takes place daily or by appointment in selected hotels, where producers exhibit their products and give insights into their craft. 

Pictures and stories of over 5,000 artisanal producers can also be found at www.meisterstrasse.com.

Meanwhile, selected manufactory products can also be purchased online at www.shop.meisterstrasse.com

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