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3 hiking tours in autumn

3 hiking tours in autumn

The days are getting shorter again, the temperatures more moderate and the meadows are slowly but surely losing their lush green. All signs indicating that it is autumn. But the experienced hiker and mountaineer also knows that autumn is the best time for many beautiful tours. The air is mostly very clear, so that on the summits there is the best view. The colours of the meadows, mountains and forests are also much more intense. All in all, therefore, the best conditions for a beautiful tour.  It’s just to remember that it gets dark around 19 o’clock, so the tour shouldn’t be too long. We have selected three perfect autumn tours for you, which are the most beautiful at this time of year:

For connoisseurs: gypsum holes – Bürstegg – Bodenalpe

The nature reserve Gipslöcher is always worth a visit. Now in autumn, the many dolines show particularly beautiful light shows – especially when the Omeshorn or the Karhorn is sugared with the first snow. We continue over the Bergmähder to the once highest settlement in Austria: On Bürstegg. Up here at 1,736m, the view of Lech is particularly beautiful. Back in the valley, the cosy Gasthof Bodenalpe awaits you. After a refreshment you can take the local bus or walk back to the village along the Lech path.

For long distance hikers: The Lechweg in autumn

Of course, one of our most popular hiking trails is also particularly suitable in autumn: the Lechweg. From the start at Austria’s most beautiful place (Formarinsee and Rote Wand) the trail leads slightly downhill along the young Lech over narrow meadow paths, ingenious wooden footbridges and over roots back to Lech. In total, you cover a proud 14.5km – you really deserve a break in the Älpele or with your own snack. Attention: The hiking bus runs 3 times dailes up to 22.10. to Formarinsee . After that there are taxi shuttles available.

For summit strikers: Up to the top of Mohnenfluh

If you want to go high up again, you should tackle the Mohnenfluh. The mountain is very suitable for the autumn, as the ascent takes place on a southern slope and as the sun is not as strong as in midsummer, it is much more pleasant uphill. From the 2.544m high summit one has a great panorama view into the Lechquellengebirge, on the Widderstein, even Lake Constance can be seen with good visibility. Then we go back past the Kriegeralpe on the 3rd stage of the Grüner Ring.

When autumn comes to an end

Of course, the beautiful autumn hikes will come to an end sometime. At the latest when the first heavy snowfall slowly turns Lech into a winter wonderland, we have to put the hiking boots in the cellar. Because: Also the whole infrastructure in our large hiking area has to be dismantled. That means: Get signposts, dismantle signs, attach winter hiking signposts, dismantle fences and generally make everything winterproof. This also takes time! Because we want to enjoy our beautiful hiking trails again in summer 2023!

We wish you all some nice golden autumn hiking days! Enjoy the last rays of sunshine! We are looking forward to your pictures, which will reach us by mail, Facebook or Instagram.

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