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Hiking on the Lechweg trail

Explore the source of the Lech river and encounter pristine nature while hiking through five regions and two countries. A trail of peace and strength.

From Lech to Füssen

The Lechweg trail runs along one of the last wild river landscapes in Europe. Along this approximately 125 km trail, follow the Lech river from its source near the Formarinsee lake in Lech am Arlberg (at 1,793m above sea level) to the Lechfall waterfall in Füssen in the Allgäu region of Germany.

15 trail sections enable optimal route planning

Awarded the title "Leading Quality Trail – Best of Europe," the trail meets the highest quality criteria in terms of trail format, safety, signage, accompanying facilities and quality of experience.

In comparison to many other Alpine hikes, the Lechweg trail is only moderately difficult and does not demand Alpine experience. Depending on the composition of the stages, however, hikers can expect to cover numerous kilometres of trail each day.

The natural beauty of the Lechweg trail

The Lechweg trail goes by one of the largest ibex colonies in Europe and a waterfall that magically dries up every year and flows anew. It also crosses Austria's longest pedestrian suspension bridge and passes the Bavarian royal castles. The trail connects three regions and two countries, each with its own traditions and stories. From the Arlberg to the Tyrolean Lechtal-Reutte nature park region and the southern Allgäu, the Lech river has shaped all three regions over the centuries. The Lech river is also important in numerous stories ranging from the Romans and their crossing of the Alps to the Swabian children and the daring river raftsmen.

3 variations: comfortable| classic | sporty

There are three different ways to explore the Lechweg trail. The route is always the same, but the number of kilometres travelled per day makes the difference. Walking the Lechweg trail is feasible challenge for everyone.

  • Comfortable variant | 8 stages
  • Classic variant | 7 stages
  • Sporty variant | 6 stages

More information on the individual stages is available from the interactive map.

1. Lechweg stage: Formarinsee lake to Lech

Hike from the Formarinsee lake to Lech. The hiking bus runs from the Rüfiplatz square near the Dorfbrunnen fountain in Lech to the Formarinsee lake bus stop. Here the Lechweg begins at an elevation of 1,793 metres. It takes about 5 hours to complete this 14-km stretch. Our tip: Make a detour to Formarinsee lake at the beginning. Small wonder that this picturesque mountain lake was voted the most beautiful place in Austria in 2015.

2. Lechweg stage from Lech to Warth

The 2nd stage leads from Stubenbach to Warth. From the eastern part of Stubenbach district, the Lech river, which is not always visible from the trail, meanders through a fascinating gorge. It takes about 3 hours on a medium difficulty mountain trail to complete the approx. 9-km stretch to Warth.

The 1. Lechweg stage


Luggage transport on the Lechweg trail and additional information

Moderate long distance hiking on the Lechweg trail is even more enjoyable without a heavy load on your shoulders. The Lechweg shuttle will transport your luggage to the next accommodation. Additional information and brochures about the Lechweg trail are available from the Lech Zürs tourist information or at the website:

Bus timetable

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