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Dirndl & Lederhosen at the Arlberg

Kästle Dirndl Ski Day - 06.04.2019

In April, more than 300 traditional costume wearers are again expected in Lech Zürs am Arlberg, when they are out and about in the ski area with their Kästle skis. At the Kästle Dirndl ski day, you can ski in traditional costumes and the mountain becomes the catwalk of alpine traditional costume fas

Already for the fourth time in Lech Zürs am Arlberg

The international Kästle Dirndl ski day

When temperatures rise and Lech Zürs becomes a paradise for firn descents & spring skiing, the international Kästle Dirndl ski day comes to Lech Zürs am Arlberg. At this special event, the motto is "into the Dirndl, ready, go!", because the traditional costumes will take you skiing on the pistes around Lech Zürs. Of course on the best adjusted Kästle skis, which become a total experience with the perfect ski slopes.


No race for the fastest time and no striving for the best line make the 4th Int. KÄSTLE Dirndl ski day what it is. It’s the pretty ladies in their wonderful traditional dresses who draw all the attention to themselves as they fly over the slopes and turn to folk music sound in their ski boots in the snow. Not only the men in lederhosen get carried away to join the party, but also the skiers and snowboarders stop at the edge of the slopes to make room for the Dirndl-Gaudi on skis.

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