When was your last snowball fight?

Families in winter in Lech

Experience the joy of making an igloo or a snow castle with your own hands. Children can breathe a snowman into life like Elsa and experience the magic of winter in their very own imaginative way for experiences they will remember for many years to come.

Winteraction for kids & grown-ups

In winter, Lech Zürs is transformed into an adventure playground of snow and oftentimes the days go by faster than one would prefer. Time seems to melt away during a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the snow-covered winter landscape, when ice skating on the natural ice skating rink in Zürs, or at the ice skating rink in Lech. For some time away, parents can also have their children professionally looked after. There are great children’s clubs and childcare options in Lech, Zürs and Oberlech. Skiing, sledging and spending time with siblings and new playmates are the focuses here.

Lech Zürs – Destination für the whole family

Freeriden im Powder in Lech Zuers (c) Sepp Mallaun

Skifahren am Arlberg lernen

Skischulen in Lech Zürs | Arlberg

Der erste Skischwung, die erste Abfahrt, der erste Sprung, das erste Mal im Tiefschnee. Wer jedes Lächeln über Ihren eigenen Erfolg bezeugt? Ihr Skilehrer, der S...

Winteradventures at Arlberg

Family holidays in Lech Zürs

After a morning ski course, the afternoon belongs to the family. Little rascals can either show their parents what they have learned in the morning, or the whole gang can explore the winter in Lech Zürs am Arlberg.

Sleigh rides and sledging are very popular. In addition to classic sledging with a wooden sledge, the mini-bob is also especially popular: speed, stability and good manoeuvrability speak for themselves. The option of “tipping over” and dropping into the snow as an “emergency stop” is easy to learn for everyone. In addition to sledging, a horse-drawn sleigh ride is an absolute must for many families. Equipped with a warm blanket, being driven through the winter landscape while watching these graceful horses is an impressive experience for children and adults alike. Information and reservations for horse-drawn sleigh rides can be found here.


Once upon a time, many parents learned to ski as children with their parents in Lech Zürs am Arlberg and now spend their winter holidays on the Arlberg skiing with their own families. Lech Zürs has made a name for itself as a family skiing area, because Lech Zürs is not only family-friendly, but also child-friendly: you can find children’s clubs and childcare in the ski schools of Lech Zürs as well as in the family hotels on site. Playing and romping in the snow or skiing and snowboarding – you can book childcare services according to your wishes and those of your child or children. Then it’s only a matter of time before children become safe skiers themselves and can explore the ski slopes of the ski area with you. We don’t know whether you will one day ski with your children and grandchildren at Lech Zürs am Arlberg – but the chances are good.

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