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Your recreation ticket for Lech and its surrounding areasThe Experience.Lots.More card

Lech has a very large hiking area. So large that many people make use of the "blue" local/hiking bus. Guests staying for one night or longer can use this public transport service for free.

However, anyone wanting to visit the "most beautiful place in Austria", around Lake Formarin and Lake Spuller, in order to start their walk along the Lechweg trail for example, should ask their landlord for a Lech Card. This includes not only the journey, but also the road toll. The Lech Card is aimed primarily at walkers and families on holiday. It is therefore free for children under 14. The Lech Card is a tourist card that offers a range of wet weather alternatives. You also get better service and discounts at a variety of local partners such as the sport.park.lech and the sports shop, as well as exciting ideas to help you plan your excursions into the Vorarlberg countryside

This "Experience.Lots.More" card lets you do just that. You can take a trip over the Rüfikopf or other mountain peaks, visit the forest swimming pool, take part in the exciting children's programme or even travel for free on the hiking bus. All this is possible for 3 days if you stay two nights or more for the price of 24 euros per person. And the longer you stay in Lech, the more advantageous the Lech Card becomes. Work it out for yourself, you'll see it's worth it!

Included services*
Total price without Lech Card per week: € 255 *Price for adults

Unlimited free use of all open cable cars & chairlifts

1 week children's adventure program

Entrance to the forest swimming pool

Hiking bus including tolls to nature paradise Zugertal

Selected themed hikes

Concerts, Walsermuseum and Museum Huber-Hus

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    Lech Card Prices

    Days Price
    3 days(2 overnight stays) € 24,-
    4 days (3 overnight stays) € 28,-
    5 days (4 overnight stays) € 32,-
    6 days (5 overnight stays) € 36,-
    7 days (6 overnight stays) € 40,-
    8 days (7 overnight stays) € 44,-
    9 days (8 overnight stays) € 48,-
    10 days (9 overnight stays) € 52,-
    11 days (10 overnight stays) € 56,-
    12 days (11 overnight stays) € 60,-
    13 days (12 overnight stays) € 64,-
    14 days (13 overnight stays) € 68,-
    15 days(14 overnight stays) € 72,-
    16 days (15 overnight stays) € 74,-
    17 days (16 overnight stays) € 76,-
    18 days (17 overnight stays) € 78,-
    19 days (18 overnight stays) € 80,-
    20 days (19 overnight stays) € 82,-
    21 days (20 overnight stays) € 84,-
    22 days (21 overnight stays) € 86,-
    30 days (29 overnight stays) € 96,-
    Season pass (without toll) € 148,-
    Children up to 14 years (born 01 January 2003 or later) FREE

    As per August 2016. The scope of the Lech Card can be expanded. Subject to change. Price saving = price for adults