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No excuses!

Training at sport.park.lech

"Outside it's too cold, warm, rainy, sunny, windy" - if you don't feel like it, you'll find an excuse. But if you’re in the mood, you'll find a way. For sporting activities that work without snow in Lech Zürs, head over to sport.park.lech.   

sport.park.lech am Arlberg ,LechZuersTourismus

Do one more!

Come to sport.park.lech

The Arlberg is a sporty place and we don’t just mean winter sports. Almost all sports to which Arlberg’s guests devote themselves at home have found a home in Lech Zürs: at sport.park.lech.

This is the place to complete your daily fitness programme. Whether badminton, tennis, volleyball, football or handball, the sport.park.lech offers ample space to take your hobby with you on your winter or summer holiday. Even if the rocks are too wet to climb – the climbing walls at sport.park.lech will also present a challenge.

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