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20. Jul 2020

A passion for Wildlife Photography

Toni Wilhelm has been living on the Arlberg for many years and is a passionate wildlife photographer.

More than just a hobby

When he is not working as the chief of the ski-run rescue service Lech, in winter, or as a trail caretaker at the Bauhof Lech, in summer, he is most likely to be found with his e-bike and his camera somewhere in the nature. We met Toni and asked him why he is so fascinated by wildlife photography.

Wildtierfotografie_LZTG_by_Toni_Wilhelm_ (18)
“I know where the animals can be found.”
Toni Wilhelm
Wildlife Photography

1. How did you get into wildlife photography?

My father was a hunter and I also worked as a hunter for many years. Watching the wildlife and being in nature is my great passion. Last year I decided to stop hunting completely and concentrate fully on observing and photographing the living wild animals.

2. Which wild animal do you prefer in front of the lens?

The deer. It simply belongs to a very special kind of animal, which is very shy and therefore not easily found and seen. It is not so easy to photograph or film the animal.


3. At what time do you go photographing?

The animals tell me so. Usually it’s early in the morning and in the evening. In winter it’s also during the day when the sun is shining and the animals are seeking warmth.

4. How does one behave?

I prefer to be alone, keep calm and wear hunting clothes. Often you have to walk a few meters before you find the wild animals.

5. What kind of equipment do you take with you?

In my backpack there is a camera, binoculars, tripod, lens, a snack, a balisto, water bottle and a jacket.


6. Where do you prefer to photograph wild life? Do you have a favourite spot in Lech Zürs?

I prefer to ride with my e-bike towards the Zug Valley, and then continue on foot towards the Steinerne Meer. There is a lot of wildlife to watch.