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The ideal alternative to your own car

The blue Ortsbus Lech bus service will transport you to your excursion destinations in an environmentally friendly and relaxed manner.

The current timetables are available here

Once on board the local bus, sit back, relax, enjoy views of the pristine nature and do the environmentally responsible thing all at the same time. 

Careful planning

As per usual, the Ortsbus Lech bus service will transport you to all districts and to the excursion destinations. The bus timetable is flexible and optimally adapted to the frequency of guests. 


With these measures in place, we will try to ensure that safe distances are properly maintained while boarding the buses at the bus stops.

Take your dog on board

Please be aware that all dogs must wear a muzzle and be kept on a leash on all Ortsbus local buses.





Please ask your accommodation provider for the current timetables in a handy pocket format. Timetables are also available at the tourist information and in many restaurants.

Missed the last bus? No problem: James

You missed the last bus and don't want to walk? No problem: With the James ticket you can go home easily. From about 8 p.m. until about 2 a.m., the blue James night bus is responsible for your mobility on site. The James also runs according to a fixed schedule, the ride costs € 7-/person (as a one-night-ticket for the whole night).