10. Dec 2023

Welcome Party

Hotel Kristiania, Lech


Speakers at the symposium, as well as journalists and participants in the Soft Pruning Conference meet on the first evening for a relaxed get-together. In addition to small dishes from the Kristiania kitchen, wines from the Beaucastel (Perrin), Markus Huber, Lichtenberger-Gonzalez and Jurtschitsch will be available for tasting. There will also be fruity distillates from the Retter farm and the legendary Party Port from Niepoort.


Invited guests only.


Time: 18:00 

Place: Hotel Kristiania

Price: € 150,- (ticket includes soft pruning conference & old vines tasting)


This event is only for participants of the conference soft pruning / tasting of old vines.

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