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A winter without guests

“I want to play on the big field again”

Patrick Brändle

Managing Director of friendly Brändle Bistro | Ski-Service-Verleih, Lech Zürs

Winter 2021/22

“I want to play on the big field again”


“We are a third-generation family business and can cover a lot of ground ourselves without large staff. That's a solid foundation and an honest basis that benefits us and our guests. That is why we have been open since December 26: To serve the people. They are what drives us at the moment – but don't think that we make any money right now! But in return we get a lot of positive feedback from the people.


And I miss them most of all: I miss making guests happy. But most of all, I miss my staff. We have been a team for many years and have become very close. Right now it feels like we are playing on a small field with five players, but I want to get back out on the big field and play with the whole team. That's what I'm looking forward to the most: To my employees and the first guest. I've opened five hotels throughout my life, but the first guest is always special – it'll be like a grand opening.”

Summer 2022:

“This past winter was a special experience: We were able to once again work in an environment where rules serve people – not the other way around. This allowed us to make our guests and staff happy. Many had a special sparkle in their eyes because they no longer took things for granted. During the pandemic, we experienced many difficult moments, however, the shutdown also resulted in a ‘restart’, a new momentum that our society really needed. In short: It was a fantastic winter where humanity was put before economy.”