The bright weather will take a break at the weekend. Rain will fill the reservoirs, before the bright and warm summer weather will continue next week. Mostly cloudy and repeatedly rainy weather is expected on Saturday and Sunday. Heavier and longer-lasting rain showers are expected from time to time. One or another thunderstorm may occur. The risk for thunderstorms is higher on Saturday than on Sunday. Generally, the temperatures will only slightly decrease, the frost line will remain above 3000m. Consequently, the temperatures will rapidly increase again due to the improved conditions expected next Monday, warm summer temperatures will settle in during the week. Mostly sunny and stable weather is expected. Showers and thunderstorms are hardly expected after Monday.
Rainfall am/pm
Hours of sunshine
Zero degree level
10°C / 21°C
30% / 70%
7 h
3900 m
11°C / 16°C
80% / 80%
0 h
3500 m
9°C / 15°C
60% / 50%
1 h
3600 m
10°C / 17°C
30% / 70%
6 h
3800 m
9°C / 22°C
0% / 30%
9 h
4000 m