Between a low over Southwest Europe and a Scandinavian high, the Alps are temporarily drawn into a foehny south current. High pressure influence will prevail until and including Friday, consequently rather friendly and sunny weather conditions are expected. Moderately mild autumn temperatures are forecast throughout the days, whereby freezing temperatures are expected in the clear nights. A weather change is expected at the weekend. The low pressure influence will increase, the south current in the alpine regions will revive. This will result in southern accumulation on the main Alpine ridge, north thereof it will remain foehny-dry. On Sunday, a cold front accompanied by scattered showers will reach us. At the same time, early winter cold temperatures will settle in with lasting effect.
Rainfall am/pm
Hours of sunshine
Zero degree level
-6°C / 4°C
0% / 0%
6 h
2000 m
-4°C / 5°C
0% / 0%
5 h
2500 m
-3°C / 4°C
0% / 0%
5 h
2100 m
-4°C / 7°C
0% / 0%
5 h
2200 m
-1°C / 6°C
30% / 20%
3 h
2500 m