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Trittkopf, BBQ Station

Trittkopf, BBQ Station

From special to extraordinary.

After the successful new construction and conversion of the ski lift connection to St. Anton am Arlberg, the Trittkopf mountain station, built in 1962 at 2423 m above sea level, is no longer required as a lift station.
The question arises: "What to do with the building?

Due to the top location and the increasing number of guests, it was obvious to build a restaurant. The aim of the spatial design was the recognition of the original building and its former function as mountain station of the cable car. The cable sheaves and the supporting cable shoe were integrated into the new concept and are therefore unique selling points. These elements together with the urban ambience, where wood, leather, felt, stone and black steel play the main roles, lend the room character and charm.

The crowning glory are the generous glass fronts, which convey the feeling of freedom and expanse in the high alpine mountain world.

The sight of the meat parts of ribs, beef breast, turkey breast as well as Pulled Pork, the expert can immediately see that BBQ is celebrated here at the highest level.

The various side dishes are based on American recipes and therefore meet almost every taste.
200 grams of perfectly ripened Black Angus beef, together with crunchy iceberg lettuce, fresh tomato and Chibotlesauce are assembled into a burger in front of the guest's eyes.

Cookies and cakes come from our own pastry shop. Craftbeers and local beer, matching wines round off the menu.
The result is Europe's highest, original BBQ Restaurant with the name TRITTKOPF BBQ STATION.

By arriving with the cabin, even guests without skis can comfortably reach the TRITTKOPF BBQ STATION to enjoy this incomparable view and the delicacies from the menu.

Barbecue, or BBQ for short, is much more than just a method of preparing meat - BBQ is a century long tradition, a lifestyle and especially in America the most popular way to spend time together, enjoy lovingly prepared food and just have fun.
Traditional BBQs prefer large pieces of meat such as pulled pork or brisket cooked in hearty hickory smoke for up to 16 hours.
But pork ribs are also an integral part of the BBQ scene.

Of course, the original barbecue is traditionally accompanied by side dishes that make your mouth water.
The preparation of meat in a specially made smoker has very little to do with grilling, which is widespread in Europe.
In the BBQ, various delicacies from beef, pork, chicken, turkey and lamb as well as seafood are indirectly cooked at low heat and therefore very gently in naturally spicy wood smoke.

We cordially invite you to get to know a part of American cuisine, history and tradition at our BBQ Station and look forward to presenting our refined delicacies to your palate!

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