The experience points in detail

1. Stage: Lech – Rüfikopf mountain – Zürs

  • Summit register on Rüfikopf mountain:

One of the three magical summit registers can be found at the very beginning. You can find out what this legend is all about in the book “A Samurai on the Kriegerhorn”.

  • A geological circular hiking trail – the ocean on the mountain:

Discover formations from times of old. A marked trail leads over the stone slabs to Monzabonsee lake.

  • Monzabonsee lake:

The perfect place to take a break, enjoy and admire the impressive mountain scenery.

  • Monzabonsee lake postbox:

Each year, new postcards are designed and made available from three postboxes – one for each stage of the Green Ring.

Choose your favourite design, pen a few thoughtful words to friends and family, and share in their delight when your greeting from the mountains reaches the intended recipient.

  • Mountain Hut Library:

Immerse yourself in an incredible book while relaxing on a cosy straw chair or even in the meadow in front of the hut. If it should rain, why not delight in the sound of the drops falling on the mountain hut roof?

The Walch family makes this hut available year after year.

2. Stage: Zürs – Zürsersee lake – Madloch – Zug

  • Watershed at the Flexen Pass:

Experience the paths of water first hand at the watershed; why not channel the water into the Black Sea or the North Sea yourself?

  • Ascent towards Zürsersee lake:

Around every little hairpin bend, you will be wowed by a new view:

Towards the Rüfikopf mountain, towards the Pazüel valley, and towards the Flexen Pass.

Thus far, the second stage has been the more difficult, but the following experience points can also be reached easily via the Seekopfbahn cable car.

  •  Jetty on Zürsersee lake:

The jetty was built by the Lech municipal yard and is an experience for young and old. Simply dangle your feet in the water or jump into the lake for a refreshing dip. Or you could also relax on the jetty, simply admiring the beautiful mountain scenery in peace.

  • Postbox at the foot of the Madloch “glacier”:

The second postbox is nestled within breathtaking scenery. An old glacier has left its mark here and it is the perfect place to pen a beautiful postcard.

  • Summit register on Madlochjoch ridge:

Share your impressions in the summit register while at the highest point on this stage.

  • Bivouac:

The Mountain Rescue Service has created a bivouac to allow you to spend a night in the magical world of the mountains. Those who arrive first are allowed to sleep here and enjoy a real adventure. While there’s room for 4 people, there’s no water or power, so you’re in for an incredible experience.

Taurin the Giant watches over you throughout the night – read what else he gets up to in his saga in the book “A Samurai on the Kriegerhorn”.

3. Stage: Zug – Kriegerhorn – Oberlech – Lech

  • Sagenwald forest:

The ascent to the Balmalp mountain hut is steep, but is transformed into an experience thanks to the amusing figures of the Sagenwald forest. These were created during a sculpture symposium. And the ultimate reward? Breathtaking views from the terrace of the Balmalp mountain hut.

  • The summit register on Kriegerhorn mountain:

With a short detour to the Kriegerhorn mountain, you can also record the last stage of your journey in the summit register.

  • Chluppa:

The names of people from Lech and Zürs are engraved on the dry stone wall. The Chluppa is a somewhat different photograph of the people from Lech taken in 2010.

  • The postbox near the Chluppa:

You’ll find another opportunity here for you to send a greeting from the mountains to friends and relatives back home.

  • Gypsum holes:

A nature conservation area – called the gypsum holes – stretches across the fields of the Kriegeralpe Alpine hut. It’s definitely worthwhile taking a detour to explore this unique, untouched natural world.

  • Libellensee lake:

Before the trail leads back to Lech, you can visit Libellensee lake in Oberlech. At this small natural lake, you will find new animals made of natural materials every year, lovingly created by children from Lech in cooperation with Raiffeisenbank Lech and artist Daniel Nikolaus Kocher.

  • The Green Puzzle Ring

Perfect for families, this trail stretches from Lech to the Rud-Alpe. Simply buy the Green Puzzle Ring book from Lech Zürs Tourismus GmbH to get started and solve tricky puzzles together. The book costs €5.00.