Riddle fun for old and young

The Green Riddle Ring

Clever foxes are in demand here, when it comes to mastering numerous stations on the hiking puzzle ring and cracking the exciting secrets

The Green Riddle Ring is a hiking puzzle fun for the whole family. Equipped with a lovingly designed workbook, the detectives big and small set off. On the contemplative way from Lech to the Rud-Alpe, exciting secrets have to be deciphered on numerous stations. The whole family is challenged to unravel these secrets. For the small and large investigators the puzzle round ends on the Rud-Alpe, then the solution word is found, the work book tattered and the puzzle gang overjoyed. While the adults rest on the terrace overlooking the valley, the puzzle queens and kings experience new adventures on the spacious water playground.

Der Grüne Ring

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The Green Ring

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More information about the Green Riddle Ring

The puzzle ring was conceived and developed by a proven team: Daniel Nikolaus Kocher and Daniela Egger have already worked together on the Green Ring. The young sculptor from Tyrol and the writer from Bregenz invented mythical creatures and other strange phenomena for the way, which help to track down the riddle. That it is difficult for young and old to crack, that the tasks can be solved with climbing, fishing, kicking, turning and pumping, and that you never know what will come next… all this makes sure that you can master the few metres of altitude with joy, even with small children. The workbook also has a lot to offer, because it looks a lot different after the hiking trail, it has to be painted, torn, embossed and much worse, if you want to find the solution word. Just a workbook.

All generations have truly earned the well-deserved rest on the beautiful terrace of the Rudalpe – but the children are allowed to celebrate themselves on the water playground as mystery kings and queens. One can only hope that the parents have thought of dirty clothes for their holidays in the mountains, because children’s happiness also consists of energetic master builder work in the open countryside – especially after so many passed exams.

Summer in the mountains of Lech Zürs has already taken on a completely new dimension with the Green Ring – but with the Green Riddle Ring, families with smaller children can also look forward to hiking experiences of the rarest kind. Nature, literature and art with a pinch of excitement and challenge – the experiences of success remain in the memory as long lasting memories.

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