Grüner Rätsel-Ring

A varied hike for families and clever puzzle fans

Can you complete all the tasks and discover exciting secrets?

This lovingly designed workbook is a key piece of equipment for any clever fox and can be purchased from Lech Zürs Tourismus for €5.00. As soon as everyone is ready, this puzzle journey heads off in the direction of the Rud-Alpe mountain restaurant.

Hiking puzzle fun for the entire family to enjoy

The tranquil path of the “Grüner Rätsel-Ring”  is peppered with stations that are best solved with cleverness and imagination. The puzzle rally concludes as you arrive at the Rud-Alpe, with the solution word found, a tattered workbook in hand and an overjoyed gang of riddlers. As for your reward? The adults can relax on the terrace taking in views of the valley, while the water playground awaits your puzzle champions.

To be a child in the pristine nature of Lech

What makes the “Grüner Rätsel-Ring”  so unique?


The puzzles are just as difficult for young and old to crack – the tasks involve climbing, fishing, kicking, turning and pumping, and you really never know what’s coming next. This means that families with smaller children can still enjoy tackling a few metres of ascents and descents.

You probably won’t recognise the workbook by the end either. Throughout the hike, it will be painted, torn, embossed and much worse, all on a quest to uncover the coveted solution word at the end. In fact, its a real workbook.


The puzzle ring was designed and developed by a trusted team:

Daniel Nikolaus Kocher and Daniela Egger already worked together on the Green Ring. The sculptor from Tyrol and the writer from Bregenz invented new, unknown mythical creatures and other strange phenomena to help the detectives on their trail.


Water playground at the Rud-Alpe mountain restaurant

While the adults can relax on the terrace taking in fabulous views of Lech below, puzzle heroes can seek out new adventures in the spacious water playground. So that your children can enjoy the water playground to the max, we recommend bringing a change of clothes.

Walk to Libellensee lake

After a relaxing break, families can set off from the Rud-Alpe to enjoy another unique experience. The trail leads slightly uphill to Oberlech, where you will immediately see the Petersboden and Oberlech cable cars. The path leading to Libellensee lake starts behind Hotel Petersboden. You will discover many exotic animals along the forest path, before arriving at a small yet extraordinary lake. There is a wondrous pump here, simply waiting to be operated once again. Once you’ve admired this natural spectacle for long enough, you’ll emerge from the forest again via a magical footbridge.

Fantastic offers for families in Lech Zürs

For anyone looking for more distinctive hiking experiences after taking on the “Grüner Rätsel-Ring” , Lech Zürs has a lot to offer. For example, there is the Geoweg trail, the Arlenzauberweg trail, the Blütenreich trail or even the Steinzeit-Weg trail. While each of these hikes is special in its own way, they are all part of the Green Ring. With various lifts and cable cars, which are also open in summer, many of the tours can be shortened so that children can also discover the mountain world from a new perspective. After hiking, treat yourself to a well-deserved cool-down in Lech’s forest swimming pool. Everyone is guaranteed to have fun here, thanks to a sports pool, an aquafit pool with bubble loungers and massage jets, a wide wave slide and a children’s and baby pool.