The Arlberg Hiking Pin

Calling all hikers and mountaineers

The mountain summer in and around Lech is about to get even more exciting. A new hiking pass – this time a digital-only version – has been available since summer 2019. Numerous destinations and hikes in the Lech Zürs region can secure you points that can be exchanged for various “hiking pins” depending on your total score. The scheme is thus reviving something of an old tradition.

Gold – Silver – Bronze

There are a total of 50 hiking destinations to choose from worth a different number of points. Everywhere in the “easy” category will score 50. For instance, if you take a pleasant stroll to the Bodenalpe Alpine hut, you can award yourself 50 points. If you tackle something a bit higher up, such as the Kriegerhorn, you can add 100 points to your tally each time. Summit tours, some of which require a head for heights, sure-footedness and, most importantly, sound weather conditions, are worth an impressive 200 points.


A digital hiking pin

In the age of digitalisation, of course, no competition would be complete without an app to collect your points on. You can use the free “SummitLynx” app to obtain your Arlberg Hiking Pin. The good thing about this app is that it also works offline: the maps are downloaded onto your iPhone or Android smartphone on installation. If you find yourself without any signal, new entries will be saved temporarily within the app and uploaded to the server once your data connection has been restored.

Have fun racking up points!

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