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Nature, humans and technology

Nature exposition Dornbirn

The inatura - Nature exposition Dornbirn, in the Lake Constance region of Vorarlberg has something to offer for everyone. In a very special way. Here the focus is on trying things out, playing, experiencing and grasping. The journey takes us through the typical Vorarlberg habitats of mountains, forest and water. In the end, we will overcome the limits of what is possible. The inatura makes our bodies accessible. On your way through the inatura permanent exhibition, you will not only encounter extraordinary, historical industrial architecture, but also repeatedly come across technical stations - the science zones. Current special exhibitions, a restaurant, a playground and the city park make a trip to the inatura family and group-friendly.


Opening hours: 

Daily from 10am. to 6pm. 



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Wit the Lech Card you get 10% discount on the entry. 

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