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Stuttgarter hut

The Alpenvereins hut belongs to the section in Swabia of the German Alpine Club. Its position is in Tyrol, on the border to Vorarlberg.

Opening hours

16 June 2023


The overnight rate includes any AV-specific charges such as the heating surcharge in winter and the luggage insurance. When paying, the landlord issues a receipt (receipt or sleeping tag), which also serves as proof of the luggage insurance. The tourist tax can be levied separately. Youth leaders and youth leaders also receive the youth tariff upon presentation of their valid youth leader/youth leader card or at the DAV with a valid annual stamp. Existing emergency camps will only be allocated when all sleeping places are occupied. Members and non-members up to the age of 18 stay overnight in the emergency camp free of charge, all other persons have to pay € 6.00 uniformly.

Members of the Alpine Club will only receive overnight discounts and other benefits on presentation of a valid membership card. All members of alpine associations whose membership card has the opposing rights logo and/or the Austrian opposing rights logo printed or affixed on it are treated equally.

Free overnight stays
Members of the mountain rescue services are admitted free of charge in the Intervention. The OeAV offers a wide range of activities for young people, including the 5 plus 1 rule for tour guides, hiking guides, climbing instructors, specialist exercise instructors, youth guides, youth leaders and family group leaders, DAV and AVS, if they can identify themselves as such and are travelling in their function with a group of at least five persons.

Mountaineer catering
For at least one "mountaineer meal", members and their peers pay a price reduced by at least 10%, which may not be higher than 9 €. A non-alcoholic drink is offered which is at least 40% cheaper than beer in the same quantity. Members have the right to tea water for
3 €/litre (incl. 2 cups).

Contribution to infrastructure
Self-catering is not permitted. Excluded are members and equals in the areas intended for self-catering (these are determined by the section in agreement with the hut landlord!).
Day guests pay 2,50 € for the use of the infrastructure of the hut and overnight guests for self-catering.
5 €/night. Alcoholic beverages may not be drunk.
Children and adolescents up to the age of 18 are exempt from these contributions.

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