More time, more space

Shopping in Lech Zürs

Back at home, you run your fingers over the fine material of the dress you bought in Lech Zürs – and find yourself recalling the view from your hotel window and the final thrilling ski run of your visit. Once the holiday is over, it’s the little things that bring back the best memories.

Shopping on the Arlberg is a more laid-back, pleasant and indeed personal pursuit than in any city. After all, the many local shops are just as important as the restaurants and hotels in forming the charming image of this mountain village.

Stroll and enjoy every moment of the day

No matter whether you’re looking for inspiration, have a firm goal in mind or simply want to enjoy a spot of fresh air before heading to dinner, you’ll love the elegant products on offer at the exclusive shops and exquisite boutiques between Rüfiplatz square and the church. As you stroll past the warm glow of the display windows, you’re bound to see why shopping in Lech is such a special experience – and one you’ll want to repeat on all your future visits!

Shops and Boutiques in Lech Zürs

And afterwards?

Kräuterwanderung als Rahmenprogramm beim Medicinicum in Lech. Fotografin: Bernadette Otter

Many roads lead to health

The power of nature

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