Nervus Vagus Training

20.12 TO 17.04
17:30 O'CLOCK

With amazingly simple, practical exercises - and without physical exertion - your nervous system can be switched from stress, fight or flight to relaxation and regeneration. This can improve blood pressure, digestion, sleep quality, vision and perceived calmness. This sometimes happens within just a few minutes. The vagus nerve, which makes this possible, is therefore often referred to today as the "self-healing nerve". You can find out how this works here.


Rohinton Moriabadi is a sports scientist, former competitive athlete and author of several books. For decades, he trained students in topics such as health maintenance, training and rehabilitation. He now focuses primarily on maintaining a healthy body, mind and soul. Book Rohinton Moriabadi for individual appointments or small groups or come to his classes at the Hotel madlochBlick.

Where: Hotel madlochBlick

Start: 17:30 - 18:20