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24. May 2017 | All

Austria’s most beautiful place

Hiking Tours near the Lake

Admittedly, there are probably countless places in Austria that deserve the title of Austria’s most beautiful place. But if all of Austria is asked to vote and the result is that here in Lech am Arlberg lies the most beautiful place in Austria, then there must be a certain truth behind this superlative.

#Austria’s most beautiful square

This was the case in October 2015 for the programme “9 Schätze, 9 Plätze” on Austrian television. Since then, this little jewel of nature at the end of the Zugertal has enjoyed great popularity. The area around Lake Formarin is not accessible throughout the winter. Metre-high snow walls tower below the mystical Red Wall. Perhaps this is the secret of this magical place? Because every year the Formarinsee is formed anew, as a reservoir for the meltwater, its outflow runs underground. Only in early summer, at the end of June, is it accessible when the (toll) road to Lake Formarin is opened. Then visitors can again admire the deep blue of the lake and enjoy the blossoming nature to the full.

Der Formarinsee mit Blick Richtung Rote Wand(c)Lech Zürs Tourismus

Of course, the best way to discover Lake Formarin is on foot. Three wonderful tours are presented below. Hiking these tours is highly recommended!

Lechweg 1st stage – against the current

Why not walk the beautiful 1st stage of the Lechweg against the stream to see the most beautiful place in Austria at the end? The start is in the hiking village of Lech. From there it goes directly at the already mighty mountain stream into the district Zug. The Lechweg long-distance hiking trail, certified as a “Leading Quality Trail of Europe”, leads further and further into the valley to the Älpele, a small alp with refreshment point. Then follows the most beautiful part of the Lechweg: the wooden footbridges directly at the confluence of Formarinbach and Spullerbach, the place where the Lech is born as a stream. The Lech Trail continues over stones and jellyfish past cascades and bubbling springs over green, lush mountain meadows to its beginning, marked by a bronze ibex statue. At the end of this fantastic hike, Lake Formarin with its bright blue is a worthwhile day destination for hikers. The blue local bus Lech finally leads from there back to the hiking village.


Unterwegs entlang des Lechwegs(c)Lech Zürs Tourismus

Red wall for mountaineers

Those who are sure-footed and good on foot should look at the most beautiful place in Austria from above. This is possible from the Rote Wand, the most striking peak in the Lechquellengebirge. The way to the summit is a strenuous, albeit rewarding one. Viewed from below, one cannot imagine the ascent – the red wall rises too vertically into the sky. But on the way to the summit, the hiker “surrounds” the mountain. Therefore, there is also enough time to plan. Right at the beginning it goes quite steeply uphill, past a meltwater lake, which is especially suitable for refreshment on the way back. It continues over a rocky path and scree heaps until it finally climbs steeply in serpentines. Arrived at the ridge, the view opens up to a cirque on the north side, in which there is even a small glacier. From this point, absolute freedom from vertigo is necessary: It goes directly along the ridge up to the summit. But for the view from up here, the effort is worthwhile in any case! The view reaches over the Formarinsee that lies at the feet up to the highest summits of Vorarlberg in direction to the Bodensee. Don’t forget the same path: The same path must also be followed back again! For those who prefer a more leisurely pace, the “Rote Wand” is the ideal route for a hike around the alpine pastures, past the Laguz and Klesenzaalpe peaks.

Rote Wand 2704m (c) Lech Zürs Tourismus

Gehrengrat & Steinernes Meer – The Hut Tour

Of course there is also a beautiful high-altitude hike in the Lechquellengebirge. We recommend the tour over the Gehrengrat. The tour is peppered with numerous highlights: First of all, of course, there is the beautiful Formarinsee lake, which you circumnavigate once to reach the Freiburger Hütte. From here, one has the most beautiful view of the Rote Wand and understands its name. We move on and reach the Steinerne Meer. The hiking trail around the gigantic collection of fossils is also awarded the Austrian hiking quality seal. Over the green Gehrengrat with a view down into the Klostertal, we follow beautiful, narrow hiking trails to the east to the Spullersee. The popular Fischersee is as beautiful as the Formarinsee, although it is a man-made reservoir. Those who still have enough strength should take the 40 minutes to the Ravensburger Hütte and end the day there. Also from the Spullersee, the blue local bus takes you back to the hiking village Lech am Arlberg.

Das steinerne Meer mit der Roten Wand im Hintergrund (c) Lech Zürs Tourismus

There are countless possibilities to discover the most beautiful place in Austria for yourself – the most beautiful is on foot! See you at Formarinsee in Lech am Arlberg!

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