Right in the heart of it all

The Lechwelten Convention Center makes optimal use of the geographically narrow location between the Lechbach stream, the Kirchhügel hill, and the Schulplatz school square. These elements are an integral part of the future village centre. Along with the Dorfhus, the adjacent administrative building, the Lechwelten Convention Center intentionally sets itself apart from the other buildings in the village. Unique in their function as a central administrative location and event centre, the Dorfhus and the Lechwelten Convention Center enjoy a distinctive character and high recognition value.

Slowing things down

The entire square around the Lechwelten Convention Center slows things down and makes it a place of encounter. The Lech river is a characteristic feature of the municipality and its banks have been integrated into the outdoor area. Here, places to stay have been created that invite visitors to linger. Meanwhile, Lechwelten Convention Center’s food and drink offerings are oriented towards the Lech river.