The small difference

Klein & Fein Hosts in Lech Zürs

The smell of strong coffee at breakfast in the parlour is that your hostess serves you shortly afterwards and asks what your first night in the accommodation was like.

You will also find out which activities & events are currently on the agenda – the transition from hospitality to friendship is fluent. That’s why you’re here. In Lech Zürs, 150 small and medium-sized businesses have joined the “Klein & Fein” initiative and made hospitality at the Arlberg their motto. Personal contact and sincere appreciation create cordiality, trust and the feeling of being in the right place.


These pillars support the long-standing relationship between host and guest. Because the guests in Lech Zürs know their hosts and the quality that awaits them there – and that for many years. And again next year.

Klein & Fein as a feel-good factor

Arrive - feel good - be at home

Quality and high standards are important pillars of the operations in Lech Zürs am Arlberg. Even the smaller accommodations know how to inspire with the Lecher comfort. For guests, personal contact with “their host” is a feel-good factor. The holiday begins even before your own front door, after all, you have known your hosts for years and can rely on the comfort you are accustomed to. And what about wellness areas and other extras? Nearly everything is offered also with the small & fine enterprises – only evenly somewhat smaller, but not less extensive.

Hiking trip with the family Lech am Arlberg 2018 (c) West Zangerl

Klein & Fein

Holiday with friends in Lech Zürs

Lech Zürs am Arlberg can be experienced very personally if you give it a chance. In companies that are part of Klein & Fein, you get to know family businesses and the people behind them.

They share the hospitality with which the first companies from Lech Zürs managed to invite visitors to the Arlberg again and again. Maybe that’s why you’re going back to Lech Zürs to ski or ski touring. The high standards of quality and themselves are common to the businesses in Lech Zürs am Arlberg, regardless of their size. Because even the smaller accommodations know that it is above all their own personality that makes a holiday in Lech Zürs a relaxing experience. For guests, personal contact with their host is a real feel-good factor. Often you have known your host for years and experience from afar and once a year how the host’s family grows and children grow up. If one enters the room or the vacation home, whose smell is still familiar from the previous year, that feels a small bit like coming home.

Private Luxury Moments at the breakfast table

There is something connecting about being served fresh coffee in the morning by the hostess or hostess. To feel that one is warmly welcomed, like a long-standing friend of the house. At the breakfast table you get the most important information about Lech Zürs am Arlberg: What will the weather be like? What is the avalanche warning level? Is there an event coming up? When does the ski bus leave?


Klein & Fein does not mean that you have to save on luxury, the offer ranges from farm holidays to 4-star comfort apartments, from modern to rustic. You don’t have to do without wellness either, the establishments often have a varied wellness area, which may not have the dimensions of a “big one”, but certainly serves you for relaxation. Sauna, steam bath, rain shower, infrared cabin and relaxation room – the choice is large.


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